Why Your Dog Shock Collar Stopped Working

Dog shock collars are widely used by people who have pet dogs all over the world. These collars help to control the dog. It also helps to train the puppy as you want. It can be controlled by remotes complementary with them. They are extremely safe and effective for the dog’s training.

control the dog by emitting electronic radiation of varying intensity by the radio-electronic device in the collar. Moreover, the device is stimulated by the signals that emit by the remote. They have proved to be a very useful tool for owners. Reasons Your Dog Shock Collar Stopped Working
What if, suddenly your dog’s shock collar stopped working? And you don’t know the exact reason?

Sometimes they don’t work efficiently and stop working. You don’t have anything to worry about that now.

Here we are providing you some reasons and the solutions as well:

Quality of the equipment is the foremost reason for the malfunctioning. Some companies use low-quality transmitter or remote. Sometimes the device does not respond to the remote or transmitter. Also, the transmitter does have some technical issue sometimes due to which signals does not emit from the e-collar. The reason must be because both the equipment does not fully charge due to moisture.


For the aforementioned problems, it is important to check the equipment’s material before purchasing. Read the user manual carefully before putting it around. Check the instructions that the transmitter and collar have synced correctly.

Most importantly you can test the device on your puppy before buying it. Tie the collar on your fingers and contact points. You can check it by the remote and hear its beep. It will tell you if your collar is working or not. This can help you in pointing out the problem beforehand and can save you money and time.
Collars work properly when fit perfectly on the neck. Making proper contact with the skin of the dog is very important for the proper functioning of the collar. If the collar is not adjustable according to your dog’s neck it will not deliver signals or maybe not even turn on.


This problem can be eliminated by buying a collar of your dog’s neck size or an adjustable collar. The collar that will fit on your dog’s neck will work properly.
Sometimes you have set the device in low shock level due to which your dog is not responding to the collar. The static correction point maybe not of your furry level. Maybe he is not well trained for a collar. Modern collars have a lock mode which prevents them from working.


Set your collar shock mode at the level where your furry can easily tolerate the shock and respond to it. Too high a shock level might cause injury to your dog or psychological stress and aggression. Increase the static correction level to 2 or more. Test him at each level until you see him/her recognize that.

Train your Dog by repeating the training steps until he/she is well trained. Check the lock mode. Make sure it is switched off.
At times, the pin of the charger of either device or transmitter has tilted or bent. The owner of bigger dogs has reported this problem. The charging point might get dirt or have dust on it due to which it is not charging anymore.


You should clean the devices frequently and change the pinpoints. You can change things by contacting the customer care center.
Maybe you are not sure that your transmitter or the receiver is switched on or off.


Different devices have different modes of operation. Some have pairing featuring which needs a button to be ON from transmitter. Make sure the device, remote, or transmitter is switched ON.
Maybe you are trying to use a one-dog system collar and you are using it for more. This can be the reason why your collar is not working on your other dog, or maybe the other is not matching with features of the remote.


Read the labels given with the device to know, if it is a one-dog or multiple dog collar systems. The majority can stimulate more than one collar. You must purchase the other collar separately and match its features.
It seemed to be obvious that your dog may lick the collar or have poured down water on it. The moisture ruins the device and it will not work further.


Don’t let your dog lick the device but if it does then clean the device immediately. You may get a waterproof device for your puppy.
Maybe your transmitter, remote, or collar hits a hard surface and some internal wiring has been damaged. If the internal antenna wiring is broken, the signal range will limit. In this condition, the transmitter will perceive signals only when near to each other.


Check this issue by testing the device. If this happens, fix the wiring antenna.


There can be many more reasons and solutions to why your dog collar has stopped working. Many other problems may show up in front of you in the future. But, just by considering some tricks and picks, you can fix them.
Shock collars are most helpful for those who have dogs especially the vivid ones. They help you a lot by controlling the dogs and train them to behave well. It is a great tool that helps in good training of your dog. But it can also harm them badly sometimes. So, make sure to use these collars wisely and carefully.
The purpose of this article is that these shock collars can’t work properly due to some errors like other devices. So, you need to check them every now and then. In that way, you can make sure the device works properly.

We hope that this piece of information may help you in the future if your dog shock collar stops working.

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