Why do dogs piddle when greeted or excited?

When it comes to dog rearing, a dog owner would have a mile long list of experiences. These wonderful creatures have made the quality of our lives so much better. Time and time again these furry four legged friends have proven their loyalty and devotion. However along with the happy fun filled days are the dog’s annoying habits. Dogs have stayed with man for hundreds of years but up to this very day, humans are still perplexed by their pet’s rather bizarre attitudes. Wouldn’t you be surprised (and annoyed) if the pet whose good temperament and habits you have been so proudly extolling about would suddenly think of depositing its steamy and stinking excrement while your friends are having dinner in your home. For sure you will be embarrassed if Spike has thought of urinating on the feet of the girl you have been courting for so long.

In case you are not aware of this doggie behavior, your pet along with many other dogs have the tendency to piddle when greeted or excited. Have your date effusively greeted the dog? Dogs are territorial. Your pet may have viewed the lady as competition. Urinating is the dog’s way of telling the visitor that she is on the dog’s territory. The excited dog may also piddle because it is showing you and your guest that it is submissive, that it is acknowledging you as the alpha dog and the leader of the pack. Submissive urinating is a handed down trait by the wolves, the dog’s ancestors. Wolves are pack oriented. Dogs lower in rank would obey the rules stipulated by the alpha dog. One of the ways by which a dog can show it submission is by urinating.

Submissive dogs will also urinate when approached by humans. Urination will also be done if the dog is exited by being greeted by its favorite person. To the dogs thinking, the urination is actually a present given to a person in appreciation for the effusive greetings. Submissive urination is most common in puppies and younger dogs. Fortunately, this unwanted habit is generally outgrown. House breaking will get rid of submissive urination. Obedience training will build up the confidence of the dog. Happy and well adjusted dogs seldom develop this inappropriate urinating habit. If a well mannered perfectly trained dog has suddenly developed this unwanted behavior, it would be best to take the dog to a vet for a consult. With a complete medical examination, the vet will rule out medical causes for the dog’s submissive urination.

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