Why do dogs not like bathing?

Washing and making sure that your dog is clean is very important, but why is it that dogs will reject a wash at times. Well, my hope is that this article will offer you an insight into why dogs do not like bathing, as well as some solutions to help make it an easier job if a dog does start to act up during a wash.

Washing of course is needed because it keeps the dogs skin and hair clean, it also rids the dogs of any dirt that may have been picked up over the course of the day. But many dogs will reject a clean. One of the most common reasons as to why dogs will not like bathing is because It requires a lot of time and patience, dogs are very active animals and it is difficult for some to stand still in one position whilst being cleaned. So a good way to make this more appealing to a dog is to maybe add a toy to the equation, just give the dog a toy to play with so that it does not get bored whilst you clean it.

Another big reason as to why dogs do not like bathing is because they may feel uncomfortable when being touched and cleaned in certain areas. When cleaning and washing a dog it is important to get every area clean to prevent any development of infection from dirt. But you have to be aware that dogs are sensitive in certain areas and it can be quite uncomfortable for them, so when bathing them, make sure that you take care when cleaning the parts which a dog may react to in a strong way. Just take it slowly and reassure your dog that everything is okay and no harm will come to it. A distraction such as a toy will not go unmissed and can often take the dog’s mind of things.

Some dogs may not be too confident with water, especially if they have either not experienced a huge amount of water or even had bad experiences with water in the past. Reassurance is the key, you have to show the dog that everything is safe and no harm will come to it. By tapping the water and indicating how deep it is will maybe help the dog’s confidence when it comes to bathing, especially in a tub. Just be reassuring and make sure that you take steps slowly, at the end of the day the dog may find it fun, so make sure you try to add some fun, be playful whilst bathing your dog and it may even make future washes run smoother.

Giving the dog confidence is key in these situations in which the dog feels uncomfortable, if you can use something as a distraction and keep the dog happy they you will be able to make the process much easier in future, so experiment, see what works best because I can guarantee you that there are a variety of methods for making a dog feel more confident. However it is not always the problems I have discussed, some dogs will genuinely dislike bathing, it is common and sometimes it my be a fact you have to face and work around, but usually there will always be a way of getting round this awkwardness and it will allow you to clean your dog with much less effort involved.

Dogs need to be washed and cleaned, but many will find it an uncomfortable or even dislikeable process, so it is important that you help them overcome this and make the process and more fun, it can be especially boring for them considering they are very active animals, so just give them confidence and make the process much more enjoyable. Love your dog, take care of it and make sure that you understand that they may feel uncomfortable as well, work through things with them and help them overcome their fears. This article has offered you many tips on how to bathe a dog easily, and it is my hope that it assists you in the future.

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