Why do dogs bark?

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Why do dogs bark?

When dogs bark we often assume that it is going to attack or advance on us, but the truth is that dogs bark for a variety of different reasons, many people seem to forget that dogs are animals and they have different motives, and when it comes to barking you cannot simply give one reasoning behind it. You can make a generalization, but it is better to go into detail and make all the reasons known. When giving a generalization it can often lead to misinterpretations and then to false views on the topic. This article will be going into detail and telling you the main reason as to why dogs bark and also some other factors which contribute.

For the sake of having scepticism this article will get the first reason as to why dogs bark out the way. This of course is the most common and well known reason as to why dogs bark. Many would say that this is the only reason as to why dogs bark, but they are very wrong in thinking that it is the only reason. Dogs can easily feel defensive and insecure when out in our society and it is important that you realise this when you see them barking, there is no true and definitive way that we can reassure dogs that they are safe. All we can do is make them feel safe, actually telling them is of course not possible.

Dogs can get agitated very easily, and when they want something they will strive to get it, whether it be food or whether it be to get out of the house. When they want to get something they will be aggressive towards those who try to stop it from getting what it wants, another interesting thing to note is that the same applies for people who have the freedom that the dog does not. Basically if you have the power to give this dog what it wants and you do not, it will get agitated, stressed and eventually get angry, this can lead to barking and maybe even attacking. At a time when dogs used to be mainly stray they would be able to get what they wanted, simply because they were free. But since we have domesticated them it is not really changing their overall views on what they can and can’t have. Though through time and effort we can change this it is very difficult to change a dog’s instinctive thoughts.

Another reason which can lead to a dog barking is when it is trying to communicate with another dog. You must realize that a dog can communicate with other dogs by barking. Understanding what a dogs bark means is another story, but barking can be communicative, it is not necessarily a threat, it could be merely a whimpering cry for help.

It is very difficult in sometimes to understand what a dogs barking means, after all, a dog’s language is very primitive and everyday people usually do not understand it. The best way to understand the situation as to why a dog is barking is to look at its surroundings, try to figure out what could have triggered the barking. If a dog is up against a closed door barking at you it is most likely barking at you because you are outside. When a dog wants to go outside of the house in which is in you may even find that sometimes it is a cry for help, the dog want you to help it get out of the house and into the open. Dogs do not really have facial characteristics which we can recognise their emotions, we can only really interpret the situation and its surroundings and make an educated guess, but most the time it is fairly obvious.

Hopefully this article has taught you a thing or two as to why dogs bark. So when you next encounter a dog barking, don’t assume it is mad or trying to attack you because it is probably not. There are a variety of reasons as to why a dog barks and we have gone in to detail on some of reasons why dogs bark. Dogs are animals, and if we don’t understand them then we will often misinterpret their actions.