What to do when your dog chews?

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What to do when your dog chews?

When your dog gets insecure, it will chew!

While you must know the basics of caring for a dog, you might not be clear about the specifics. For instance, how a kennel crate can keep your dog secure and you free from worry! You would benefit a lot by keeping your new dog or puppy in a mobile kennel! That is the purpose of a kennel crate. This way, the dog will be kept away from furniture and carpets that it might otherwise chew or spoil. At times, the new pet might be very insecure and resort to chewing on your shoes, carpet and anything in sight! So keep it safe and away from your precious household items by giving it the security of a warm home.

No chewing!

You have given your doggie a cosy kennel to stay in and you think everything is solved. But no! Chewing comes naturally to any dog; have no doubts, your dog will still chew! Puppies are easier to train, but with slightly older dogs, you might find it difficult to teach them not to chew! Just like kids nibble on things when they are teething, dogs feel this urge to grab anything and begin chewing. Carpets, rugs, soft parts of furniture, slippers, nothing is left non-chewed now! But hopes are not lost. With some patience and tricks, your dog can be trained to “not chew!”

  • Dogs left indoors for too long develop an irritation and go around chewing stuff. So make sure you pamper your dog and take him out for walks as well. A long walk will drain out the excess energy and your dog will happily lie down quietly when back home.
  • Take care to keep the chewable items out of sight to the maximum extent. You cannot keep your slippers within reach of your dog, tempt it and then expect the dog to leave it untouched!
  • Annoy the dog when it begins chewing. Offensive smelling sprays can be used for this purpose. This way, your dog will learn to stay away from the irritation by not chewing your stuff.
  • Distract your dog with other chewable items like a bone, say nylabones and others. This way, your dog won’t have an uncomfortable teething period.
  • Keep your dog securely in a kennel crate especially if you are going out or at night time.
  • Keep your dog free of worms and more by taking him to a vet regularly. This kind of irritation can also drive your dog to crazy antics like chewing anything in sight.
  • If you have the space, then make a special enclosure for your dog where your pet can play happily without you worrying about chewing problems.

Give a lot of attention and love your dog. But don’t spoil the dog by letting it get away with everything. Discipline your dog but love it anyway!