What to do if your dog is sick?

Who can ever say no to irresistible puppies? Dogs no doubt would be wonderful additions to the family. Dogs are one of the most common choices for a pet. Dogs are affectionate animals. They form a strong attachment with their human family. Dogs have a legendary bonding with the children. Dogs are treated by their owners not unlike the way a parent would treat a child. Dogs are not just pets. They are in fact members of the family. It is understandable why the family would deeply feel the passing away of a dog. This is one of the reasons why dog owners would ensure that the pet’s health and well being is maintained.

Bringing a puppy home is comparable to taking home a new baby. While the puppy is nursing, antibodies will be transferred from the dam’s milk. This ensures that the puppy will be protected from diseases. But once the puppy is brought to a new home it will depend on its master for all its needs and this includes proper health care. Nobody would want to have a sick pet in their hands. Regular vet visits would put a dent on the finances but responsible dog owners would ensure that the pet is vaccinated against canine diseases. In spite of these measures, dogs still do get sick.

A good and responsible dog owner will always know if the pet is sick. The usually exuberant and energetic pet would be sluggish and listless. What would you do to help the pet? Although noted to be hardy animals, dogs would oftentimes suffer from an upset stomach because of their tendency to eat spoiled food. The dog would vomit and have diarrhea. After a while and without any treatment, the dog would be its usual curious and exuberant self. The dog will be seen raiding trash cans again. It would idea to have a well stocked first aid kit and to first aid know-how to help the pet. However, there are instances when the dog would be too sick even to move, would refuse to drink and to eat. The dog can have seizures as well. Obviously the best option is to take the dog to the vet’s. For sure, the expense would be the last consideration of an owner caring for the pet. It would never do to take a wait and see attitude if the dog appears to be really very sick and in obvious distress. In cases such as this immediate veterinary attention lessens the risk to the life of the pet from illnesses.

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