Stop Yorkie from Biting too Much

How to Stop Yorkie from Biting too Much?

Stop Yorkie from Biting too Much

Naturally, this is one of the most adorable breeds due to its small size. However, Yorkie dogs can bite for a variety of reasons. Despite their size, these little dogs can do a lot of damage with some types of bites. To learn all about it, just read on. It could even be that a Yorkie and stop biting too much.

Reasons behind this:

  • Joy or playfulness
  • Fear of a situation
  • Threat to their survival or food
  • Anger or resentment
  • Vulnerability due to fragile health

How to Stop Yorkie from Biting too much?

There are several ways to stop a Yorkie from biting too much. For that, you should follow some of the following procedures.

1. Real Reason

Of course, you must start by understanding the real reason for the biting of these little dogs. Knowing the biting can enable a person to implement the most appropriate training for those pets.

Sometimes, dogs may think they are just playing and do not detect the damage they are causing. At other times, they may feel their gums sore because their teeth are erupting and growing.

It could also happen that one of these dogs feels angry about some situation. The reasons may vary from joy, irritation, or fear, among many others. It is essential to understand the context in which each bite occurs.

2. Playing with Yorkie Correctly

Playing with a dog correctly can always be the best way to teach them or implement excellent training. For them to learn to bite correctly, they must be taught this during a game. For this, it is advisable to eliminate all types of aggressive games.

Some of them should be avoided for a while, such as a tug-of-war with a rope. This does not generate aggression, although it does not help to solve the problem either. Suitable toys should be used instead of the owner’s own hands. This prevents the dog from understanding that biting an owner’s hands is fun.

3. Acquiring Appropriate Bones and Toys

When incorporating toys into a dog’s routine, the most appropriate ones should be chosen. There are a lot of bones or toys that are handmade and specially designed to be chewable. This way, a Yorkie will get rid of the urge to chew in general.

Any time these dogs bite an owner’s hand, a toy should be incorporated. The objective here is to prevent them from becoming accustomed to an owner’s hand and incorporating toys into their daily routine. This can also be done with all kinds of healthy treats.

4. Training at All Times

On many occasions, owners choose to feed or pet a dog with their hands. There is a method that prevents a dog from biting an owner’s hand on certain occasions. This is to prevent these dogs from biting their owners when our hands are near their food bowls.

An efficient technique is to pet a Yorkie and put our hands on their bowls while eating. In this way, we are allowing them to understand that our hands do not mean any threat. This is especially important when small children are living in the home. Check out some dog training fences for better experience.

Why Do Yorkies Start Biting?

There are a variety of reasons why Yorkies start biting their owners. Among the most common is the fact that the dog is upset or angry about some situation. They start biting because it is their method of protection against all kinds of threats.

If another dog or a person threatens their bed, treats, toys, or food, they will start biting. It could also happen that the cause is a deteriorated health, and they feel vulnerable. A situation that generates fear in these dogs can be more than enough for them to start biting the owners.

Why Does my Yorkie Bite My Hands?

A Yorkie, just like any other dog, uses its mouth to get to know the world. They use their mouth as a non-aggressive way to play, and they can also do it to generate damage from some irritation. In general, dogs bite their owners’ hands because it is one of the unprotected places.

So a Yorkie could bite its owner’s hands as a sign of play or as a sign of fear if it receives some punishment. There are a variety of situations that can result in the owner’s hands being bitten. It is necessary to understand the context of the problem to avoid this behavior healthily.

Do Yorkies Bite their Owners?

Yorkies often bite their owners as one of their everyday behaviors. This happens for a variety of reasons. However, it is a problem that can be solved by implementing efficient training.

In no case is it beneficial to incorporate some punishment to avoid this aggressive behavior. Instead, dogs will only become more aggressive when they receive similar punishment. So well-designed training is the best option.

Do Yorkies Bite a Lot?

All those dogs that are not so efficiently trained may bite too much. The Yorkie is one of those cases where special training is required to prevent them from chewing daily in many situations. 

The reasons are more than ample and allow them to understand that biting is a typical situation and okay. This is why the context of each case must be taken into consideration to prevent this behavior from becoming too excessive.


A wide variety of straightforward techniques and training can be applied to keep a Yorkie from engaging in this behavior. Any of these ways must be utterly free of punishment or negative reinforcement. 

Implementing the proper technique or training will also strengthen the bond between these dogs and their owners. It is also highly recommended to incorporate certain toys or treats that will allow them to keep biting at the right place and time. All this will enable us to generate healthier bonds with our pets.

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