How to Stop Dog from Barking Non-Stop in His Crate?

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Stop Dog Barking in Crate

How to Stop Dog from Barking Non-Stop in His Crate?

Some dogs can be kept in their crate for a certain amount of time to keep them from roaming around the house. However, dogs that are in their crate too long can become a little anxious and overwhelmed, or bored. So many dogs start barking and seem to have no rest.

There is a certain way to prevent dogs from continuing to bark forever at any time of the day. Here it is not about incorporating punishments or negative reinforcement for this type of behavior. Instead, there is some way to be able to understand the dog’s behavior and modify all these negative aspects.

How to Stop a Dog from Barking Non-Stop in His Crate?

Stop Dog Barking in Crate

There are several important steps that owners must take to eliminate this type of inappropriate behavior for good. Instead of simply ignoring the dogs and waiting for them to shut up, the following steps can be taken. 

Allow it to be a pleasant place:

When a dog’s crate is a much more pleasant and relaxing place she can feel much more comfortable in this place. This is the main thing to prevent them from barking for a long time.

Allow them to play:

When dogs can play and have fun in a certain space they feel much better. Closed rooms for babies or exercise pens are an excellent option for them to drink, sleep or play without any inconvenience.


It is recommended to incorporate training so that dogs can get used to a crate. Of course, it is necessary to have a certain tolerance that they need to get used to a certain place.

Allowing them to go to the Bathroom:

Some dogs may bark for no reason while others are trying to express something. So, it is necessary to pay attention to them since they might need to go to the bathroom or have fun outside the crate.

Distract them:

Once the dogs need to go back to their crate or exercise pen it is important to have some toys. This is very useful to distract the dogs’ attention and prevent them from continuing to bark as before.

Incentivize Good Behavior:

A hug or a cuddle can be very appropriate at the time when they are married. When it is a funny moment or when the dogs are calm a reward can decrease the probabilities that they will start barking again.

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Should I Ignore Dog Barking in a Crate?

When it is a simple new behavior, ignoring your dog’s barking can be a good option. In fact, in many situations, a dog stops barking when the owners do not pay attention to it at all.

The moment a dog is still crying and barking after a few minutes it could be due to some kind of particular situation. So it is only useful to ignore a dog for a few minutes when they start barking.

If they continue with this behavior they probably want to express that they are bored, need to go to the bathroom, or some other kind of need. At no time is it advisable to apply punishment, hitting, or yelling as this makes the situation worse. Dogs may become more anxious, which increases the amount of barking.

How Do I Get my Dog to Stop Barking in his Crate at Night?

To implement a much more appropriate behavior in these situations, the following steps should be taken:

  • Try to understand the dog’s message
  • Check if they want to eat or drink water
  • Check if they have gone to the bathroom before going to bed.
  • Take a walk with your dog to play intensively before going to sleep
  • Move the dog’s crate away from a draft
  • Incorporate toys in the crate
  • Encourage behavior when they are quiet

Will the Dog Eventually Stop Barking in a Crate?

At some point, the dog will eventually stop barking when he is inside his crate. The real problem here is the time it takes for them to stop barking. In many cases, dogs may bark for several minutes or even hours. In these types of situations, it is recommended to perform the steps mentioned above to avoid this behavior.

In other cases, dogs may stop barking when they hear something strange or see another animal. This may increase the dogs’ anxiety for a few minutes but eventually, they will get tired.

Does Putting a Blanket over a Dog Crate Help?

Putting a blanket or cover over the crate only makes the situation worse. Dogs usually become much more anxious and distressed as the minutes pass and they are unable to see out.

On the contrary, it is advisable to understand the real reasons for a dog’s barking. Rarely do dogs bark for no apparent reason. So they always have some reason to bark intensely. When these reasons can be understood then the solution can be incorporated so that they stop barking continuously.

How Long until the Puppy Stops Barking in a Crate?

Most of the time it takes two weeks for dogs that are still puppies to stop barking continuously. Of course, some elements can be incorporated to decrease the amount of barking during this period.

Toys or various fun times with owners and other dogs are excellent ways for them to deplete their energy. On many occasions, they are eager to run and have fun so they start barking when they are inside a crate. Understanding this is one of the most important steps to reduce puppy barking in a crate.

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All dogs have one or more reasons or when they start barking in their crate. Understanding these reasons is important to implement the right solution and modify this behavior for good. The techniques we have mentioned are very easy to implement and can give any dog a much more enjoyable life.

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