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Pet Insurance for Rabbits

Rabbit Insurance 101: What It Includes and Why You Should Get One If you have decided to bring home a pet rabbit, you may want

Should you buy pet insurance?

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Should you buy pet insurance?

The surgery and the chemotherapy could have saved the life of the pet. Unfortunately, financial constraints have prevented the dog owner from giving the pet the needed medical care. A dog owner would always want to provide the pet with the best health care. Dog lovers would react if dogs are called “just animals”. Yes, dogs are animals but these wonderful furry friends are considered not only as family members but often times the babies of the family. As such, the pet will be pampered. The family that has formed a strong bond with the pet will be anxious every time something out of the ordinary is noticed in the pet. A loving and caring dog owner would not be enough. The dog owner has to be responsible as well. Good health would be the greatest gift a dog owner can give to the pet. However, the cost would be a big concern. The cost for various diagnostic procedures, for medications and for vet bills would be exorbitant. This financial concern will be exacerbated if the dog’s illness is recurring.

Years ago, if treatment cannot be given to a seriously ill pet, the most common option of dog owners is to put the dog to sleep. Nowadays, with the advancement in veterinary care, it would be an easy matter to prolong the life of the pet with modern veterinary procedures and medications. Dogs have survived kidney diseases with kidney transplant. With various modern treatments, dogs with cancer can live relatively comfortable lives. However, the skyrocketing costs of the medical care can prove too much for a dog owner with meager means. This is why pet parents would prepare for the possible occurrence of these concerns by buying insurance for the pet.

Pet insurance allows the dog owner to provide medical care to the pet when unforeseen events such as accidents and medical emergencies occur. Pet insurance can be heaven sent in times when the dog’s need for medical care coincides with a financial crisis. As mentioned, dogs are considered as family members but in a medical emergency that involves the child and the dog, medical care for the child will naturally be given preference. Pet insurance gives the pet owner the peace of mind that the cost of the treatment would not be a burden. The vet’s bills would always be the reason why pet owners put off bringing the dog for its regular checkups. With pet insurance and the knowledge that the vet bills will be reimbursed, owners would make sure that the pet regularly visits the vet.

Pet insurance is a thriving hundred million dollar industry. Insurance coverage for the pet is almost at par with the life insurance of the children. However, a lot of pet owners have advised other pet owners to forgo insurance coverage for the pet. Basic insurance plan offers coverage, the cost and the participating doctors. In buying pet insurance it will always be necessary to carefully peruse the fine print. Vets in your area may not be accredited by the insurance company so that in case of emergency the vet bills will not be reimbursed. Dog owners make sure that the health of the pet is maintained so that is a possibility that the coverage of the dog will never be used. The reimbursement of the vet bills is subject to the approval of the insurance company. Dog owners would still need to dip into their pockets for vet bills because of the deductibles and cap limits. Not all dogs will be covered. Breeds with hereditary conditions and those with existing health concerns will not be covered. Instead of getting an insurance coverage, some dog owners have an alternative option and this is keeping a savings account specifically intended for the health care of the dog.

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