Dog Expedition TC1 Border Patrol GPS System Reviews

You are a pet lover and we know that you care about your dog and try to secure you it from those things which harm the dog. A dog enjoys the environment if he feels comfortable and you as a dog owner also want that your dog plays in the ground safely.

But what happened when a dog goes out of the house and come on the road where is the traffic. So, at that moment you think you don’t want to play your dog in the house because it does not feel safe.

We have a solution for you. You can use a wireless dog fence or any other dog fence which you think best for your dog size and weight.

Today we are going to give you a short review of Dog Expedition TC1 and tells you is it good for your dog? You should go for Border Patrol GPS System to secure your dog.

Well, this type of dog fences make a boundary for your dog and if your dog wants to do outside of that boundary he feels the current or you listen to the alarm. So, in this way you can track your dog.

What did you get in this fence? Sometimes it happens that dog jump over the boundary and you did not track him but it is the only best GPS dog fence that you can use to make your dog more secure.

Before buying an electric dog fence you need to keep in mind the range of that fence. This fence gives you 800-yards coverage which is huge for any of the dogs. Dog Expedition TC1 is based on wireless and GPS system which is currently the latest technology.

You also get a remote with this fence which you can use for the fence and track your dog. You don’t need to learn anything about it because it is easy to use.

You can use this dog fence when you are at home, go on a trip, and do camping. Because it is safe for all types of purposes.



  • Waterproof
  • 800 Yards Coverage
  • Long & Rechargeable Battery
  • Remote trainer capabilities


  • 35+ Ponds dog weights


The Dog Expedition TC1 Border Patrol GPS System is the latest dog fence that is totally portable and easy to use. While using the dog fence what you want for your dog is freedom. What kind of freedom? That your dog happily plays around you and feel comfortable and enjoy those moments which you also enjoy in your home or a trip.

We also do lots of outdoor activities in our life like camping, hunting, riding, swimming, etc. At that time we also have in our mind that where is our dog. Is it safe right now? So in that situation, you just need to use the Dog Expedition TC1 Border Patrol GPS System.

Size & Capacity:

When we buy a wireless fence we try that we that fence which looks nice and has a small size so you and your dog carry it easily. The second that came to mind that the capacity of that fence is good and the battery of it also good and long. Thanks to Dog Expedition TC1 because you find both qualities in this fence.

You almost able to cover 2 miles with this fence and it is easy to set up because the quick setup is always the first priority of them.

The battery gives almost 8 hours long time. Remember to charge the battery when you want to go for an outing or camping.


In short, this is the best dog fence for you and you need to do the comparison on price because the quality things you did not get at low rates. So, go for it and enjoy your life with your dog.