Progressive Pet Insurance Review

progressive (1)Lots of insurance companies and pet product and service companies have entered the market by offering pet health insurance policies. Plenty of pet insurance plans are out there, and comparing policies can seem daunting. It might be wise to assess your pet’s potential health care needs before diving into the many policies that are offered in the marketplace. Some breeds are more susceptible chronic illnesses, be that their heredity or a congenital condition and examining the details of the actual policy will be necessary to make sure that your coverage will be appropriate to your pet’s needs.

An Insurer Expands from Humans to Pets

Progressive Insurance is offering pet health insurance as a separate insurance product. Progressive also has an auto insurance policy that includes pet injury coverage if your pet is involved in a car accident and Progressive is the insurer. But the separate pet health insurance policy is to cover any accident or unexpected illness that your pet suffers under any circumstance. The coverage is designed to fit the pet based on their age, breed, species and location. Your pet can never be cancelled because of their age. The website is very specific and direct; however, the details of the actual policy are the contract between the pet owner and the insurance company. It is always important to read the actual policy rather than its more general description on the early pages of the website. However, details like whether the policy covers veterinary exams, whether there is a cap on treatment or whether deductibles are annual or incident by incident is all unclear from just the content of the website.

Making the Decision to Buy Pet Insurance

More and pet owners are considering the purchase of pet health insurance. The rising cost of health care and the increasing number of insurance options make the idea more attractive to a lot of pet owners. The cost of providing health care in an emergency for your pet can only rise in the future and may very well have reached a level that makes pet health insurance a must for any pet owner.

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