Petsmart Pet Insurance Review

petsmart (1)The range of pet health care options is expanding rapidly, with all sorts of insurance plans, discount plans and “wellness” plans that are very different. Pet health insurance has become more and more popular as more pet owners recognize the rising cost of health care for their pets as well as the potential for an unexpected illness or accident. Petsmart has a unique contribution to the field of options available to pet owners to defray the cost of pet health care

Assessing Health Care Options

PetSmart does not offer its own insurance plan but instead offers what they call a “Wellness Plan.” The plan resembles a service contract more than an insurance policy. This plan does not accidents or injuries, or other unexpected health conditions. The Wellness plan is a discount plan that lists a series of predictable health care services that will be covered by the plan. Petsmart In Store Pet Clinics are referred to as Banfield Pet Hospitals located within the PetSmart stores.  Banfield’s policy is a membership plan, where members pay a monthly fee and must obtain treatment through the Banfield clinics. Petsmart has stores in every state in the nation and Canada so they are probably very accessible in large urban areas and more sparsely available in smaller towns.

Is Petsmart Wellness Plan Right for Your Pet

Plenty of pet insurance plans are out there, and comparing policies can seem daunting. It might be wise to assess your pet’s potential health care needs before diving into the many policies that are offered in the marketplace. Petsmart likes to focus on basic and routine health care services and recommend early membership to receive the most from your plan. Some breeds are more susceptible chronic illnesses, be that their heredity or a congenital condition and examining the details of the actual policy will be necessary to make sure that your coverage will be appropriate to your pet’s needs.

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