PetSafe Stubborn Electric Dog Fence Without Wire Reviews

This is PetSafe Stubborn Electric Dog Fence without Wire Reviews, which is a novel system since it does not use underground cables and has cutting-edge technology, which will give many benefits to both the pet and the owners.

For pet lovers, the PetSafe brand brings a solution that will give the most peace to the family and will make the dog enjoy the surroundings of the house, with full freedom and without being exposed to any danger.

PetSafe Stubborn Electric Dog Fence Without Wire Review

PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Pet Fence for Dogs and Cats - from the Parent Company of INVISIBLE FENCE Brand - Multiple Wire Gauge Options - Keep Pets Secure in Your Yard
  • CREATE A CUSTOM-SHAPED FENCE: Create a safe 1/3-acre play area for your best friend with the included 500 feet of wire; Purchase additional wire to expand up to a 25-acre yard
  • FOR PERSISTENT PUPS: Receiver collar has a tone plus vibration mode and 4 levels of safe, static correction that you can adjust based on how your determined dog responds during training
  • GREAT FOR HEARING-IMPAIRED PETS: If you best friend has a hard time hearing, the tone plus vibration mode will help him learn his new boundary area and keep him safe in the yard
  • DIY INSTALLATION: This do-it-yourself weekend project lets you create a fence that fits your yard’s shape and size
  • COLLAR FIT: The Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence Receiver Collar is waterproof and comfortably fits dogs 8 lb and up and adjusts to fit neck sizes 6-28 inch; For dogs 6 months and older

Although the equipment does not have a wire to install in the ground, it can be used to complement the systems that are already working with underground cables. Thanks to the flags of signaling, you can expand the field of action of the team.

It is designed, especially for dogs that have certain difficulties to be trained, because it has a method of anti-persistence and that is progressive. In addition, it has a technique that alerts the pet, at the moment when it enters the warning zone.

The ways to prevent the dog, which should not approach the safety area, are implemented in the different levels of vibration, which are established in five different categories. It has a sound prevention degree and four vibration measurements.

These procedures are activated through the contact points, which are placed on the collar, depending on the amount of hair of the animal, since they must touch the dog’s skin, so that they can have the desired effect.

PetSafe dog collar with persistent character and that is insistent, can be adjusted for all sizes of pets that have the measures of the neck of 6 inches up to 28 inches, that is, covers a wide variety of breeds.

Although it can be used in pets, regardless of their size, it is important to note that it is not recommended for very small animals, since the effects caused by the levels of stimulation could be adverse to what is desired.

It comes adapted with a light that indicates that the battery should be recharged. This innovation allows it to be changed before it stops working. A collar works with a 9-volt battery and can be used with multiple.

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If you want to extend the radius of action of the cable system, previously installed, you can buy a wire separately and complement the existing system. With the use of the 50 training flags, you can mark the place where the limit for the pet is located.


  • Comes without cable (optional)
  • Easy to install
  • For difficult dogs to train
  • Signal light to indicate low battery
  • It can be used with several dogs
  • 5 degrees of alert
  • Anti-persistence and progressive security system.
  • Operation Manual
  • 50 flags to carry out the training
  • Waterproof connections
  • Contact points of different sizes


  • It should not be used in small dogs


In order to keep pets within the safe perimeter of the garden, it is necessary to install the PetSafe wireless dog fence. The system can be extended, also, with additional cables, and is excellent for terrains that have a previously installed cable. It can be used with multiple dogs and separately.

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