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PetSafe Electric Dog Fence Wire [Upto 1000 feet]

One of the most effective pet safety systems is electric fences. As an investment, they work in the long term, resist environmental changes, and contribute to the training of dogs.

Currently, the market offers a varied selection of electric fences for pets that work through a transmitter and a collar. However, the most important part of the equipment comes, of course, with the PetSafe wire fence.

PetSafe Electric Dog Fence Wire

This wire allows you to mark the boundaries and shape the fence. Just as some prefer a linear perimeter, others favor the circular and, whatever their choice, the extension adapts to the figures of the garden.

Although its functionality is not in doubt, there is a problem with these cables: the length. Most electrical pet safety systems include their own, but sometimes the length of the wire is not enough.

When these cases arise, don’t panic! Several companies have chosen to sell an individual cable extension for those yards whose extension exceeds at least one thousand feet, the equivalent of three hundred meters.

Top 5 PetSafe Electric Dog Fence Wires 2021

1) PetSafe Heavy Duty Pet Fence Boundary Wire, 1000-Feet

PetSafe Heavy Duty Pet Fence Boundary Wire

The most outstanding feature of this cable is its extension, of which there are two models: a short version that extends 500 feet – or half an acre – and is equivalent to approximately 150 meters; and a long version of an entire acre, whose total value is 300 meters.

Given its ability to adapt to original fencing systems, this PetSafe fence wire is resistant to the most aggressive changes in the environment. However, this version is especially suitable to withstand icy climates – with temperatures below 0 degrees.

Rugged, easy to install and incorporated into a steel coil, this cable is compatible with all PetSafe brand products. To adapt it to products of other brands, however, the compatibility level should be consulted.

As far as the dimensions of the coil are concerned, it is 30.5 centimeters x 15 centimeters long. The weight of the coil, with cable included, reaches one kilogram and a half – or 2.7 pounds.

The configuration corresponds to two simple steps: unpack it and run the cable coil through the spaces that you want to install. Of course, since this cable is underground, it is necessary to dig a hole – not deep – throughout the perimeter.

Currently, Heavy Duty Wiress is one of the best products in its class rated at Amazon and other online shipping stores. This wire near PetSafe is recommended for land extensions greater than one acre and with oscillating temperatures.

2) PetSafe 500 Ft Boundary Wire, solid core

PetSafe 500 Ft Boundary Wire

To extend pet containment systems beyond five hundred feet – or 150 meters -, this wiring includes its own underground fence kit. The coil may vary, but the most distinctive feature of this product is its 20 gauge, burial grade cable.

The length of this cable fluctuates and may be more or less long, according to braided. It has an easy-to-use design that adapts to the performance of the system, as well as resists water, moisture, and other environmental treatments.

The PetSafe cable is perfect for ground installations, with a minimum of one-third of an acre, it’s a copper cable with the solid core is qualified to bury directly, corresponding to the pattern drawn by its owners.

To enhance the performance of this coil, it is recommended to use gel-filled splice capsules, as well as wire nuts – which are purchased separately from Amazon or any pet establishment.

Other features included in the product are compatibility with wiring kits of the PetSafe, Guardian and Innotek brands and a guide table provided to help people in the calculation of the area they need to cover and which coil is precisely adapted to those spaces.

According to this table, the dimensions are as follows:

  • For a ¼-quarter-acre area, a total of 415 feet of cable, or 126 meters, is needed.
  • For an area of ​​1/3 – a third of an acre, a total of 480 feet of cable, or 146 meters, is needed.
  • For an area of ​​½-half-acre, 590 feet of cable extension is provided, the equivalent of 179 meters.
  • For an area of ​​1 acre, it will take 835 feet of cable, or 254 meters.
  • For an area of ​​2 acres, the wiring length value rises to 1180 feet or 359 meters.

Finally, for an area of ​​5 acres – the maximum of this cable – it will require 1870 feet of cable or 569 meters.

This PetSafe fence wire is made with a manufacturer’s warranty valid only when purchased through an authorized retailer.

3) PetSafe Extra Wire Flag Kit

PetSafe Extra Wire Flag Kit

Another wiring system that works to extend pet fences is Wiress and Flags, whose length is combined with a set of flags that offer greater protection and safety to pets.

Like the previous ones, this PetSafe fence wire is made with a length of approximately 500 feet -150 meters – a 20-gauge copper wire with direct insulation that works optimally when buried. Therefore, it adapts to most of the brand’s products.

Another outstanding quality of this cable is its compatibility with other brands of dog items. Logically, PetSafe is listed as the main one, but Innotek or In-Ground users can extend their security fences with this cable coil.

The maximum that this article covers corresponds to one acre, but in its most purchased extension – the 500 feet -, it should be enough to properly enclose a third of an acre, in any direction, shape and with the support of the game pennants

Regarding these, the kit includes 50 pointers, whose most important function is to set limits and visual references where the wiring is buried. Thus, both the owner and his pet will know the edge of the area during the training stage.

Other accessories that add to the PetSafe package are two gel capsules and two-wire nuts. Both fulfill the function of infusing a more durable service and also helping with the connections of the additional cable and the transmitter that operates the fence.

Adding cables and flags to fencing systems has never been easier and cheaper than with this PetSafe kit, which serves as a compliment but also works optimally as an individual element. In the Pet Fencing category, it stands out for its quality and strength.

4) Extreme Dog Fence Wire

Extreme Dog Fence Wire

The biggest advantage of this PetSafe wire fence is its compatibility with other brands. Of all on the list, it is the largest, covering Invisible Fence, SportDog, PetSafe, Dogtra, Pet Technology, DogWatch, Dogtek, Innotek, High Tech Pet, and Pet Stop, among others.

It is a protected extension resistant thanks to a polyethylene raincoat that, unlike PVC, achieves greater quality in stimulation on the subject of the cable for dog fences.

This product is made to last for many years, on the earth’s surface, buried in the garden – or any extension of the land. In addition, it has a malleability that allows it to adapt to the shape or figure that is required.

Given its rugged design, it can be used for other outdoor functions. PetSafe markets it as an article for pets and most customer’s rate and comment on this feature. However, there are also cases of people who use it for construction.

Through this cable, the American company provides resistance and security thanks to an article that extends and covers up to four acres, protecting pets from outside hazards and also against the risk of wire fences that stand as a substitute for another fence.

Electric fence systems are generally as affordable as they are functional. And this product adds, in addition to its quality, the prestige with which PetSafe stands in the United States and the world.

5) Professional Grade Dog Fence Wire

Professional Grade Dog Fence Wire

Similar to the previous product, the most prominent feature of this cable is its compatibility with non-PetSafe brands. However, this is complemented by other qualities that are also worth mentioning.

As far as length is concerned, the wired system can easily cover an acre, but it can also extend to two or three acres, well above the average of these PetSafe wires.

It serves for warm environments with the same efficiency that covers frozen areas underground. Therefore, it will become the right tool for those who live in places of fluctuating weather.

Another mentionable quality of the PetSafe cable is its resistance. Thanks to its copper constitution, it can last a long time buried or on the surface, without continuous supervision or maintenance. In addition, it has the advantage of being electric and sticking to the brand’s transmitters almost instantly.

To carry out the installation of this fence you only need to delimit the space that will cross the fence, in turn calculating the fair measure. All these mathematics, in short, will serve to know how long the extension of the coil should be, also avoiding waste of it.

Like almost all products of this brand, the Professional model is sold in different presentations, being able to cover with the same competition perimeters of a third of an acre, half an acre, one or more acres. From this perspective, everything is based on customer needs.

Once space is delimited, it is necessary to dig and place the cable accordingly. This can be done tentatively, with a plane or flagging all the ends.

From then on, the work is on the part of the transmitter – or any other tool connected to the cable. With this, training sessions for pets can take place, until they get used to their available spaces.

A Short Guide About PetSafe Dog Fence Wires

Electric Dog Fence Boundary Wire

This type of wiring system is suitable for all PetSafe products given its durability and resistance. In addition, it plays a fundamental role when it comes to limiting the areas available to the dog.

This kind of wire stands out, among other things, thanks to its adaptability to other brands. However, it is recommended to use with products from the PetSafe line.

The cables come in coils, their raw material is copper and they can withstand years buried in the same place without wear, damage or any failure.

1000 ft Pet Safe Boundary Wire

One of the most pressing complaints regarding dog safety systems is the length of the cables in the package. For that reason, PetSafe – and all the homologous companies – decided to sell coils with extra wire.

This type of cable has the advantage of being able to stretch up to 1 acre, which is roughly equivalent to one thousand feet. However, there are wiring systems that even exceed the barrier and hit 4 and 5 acres.

The objective of this is to facilitate the delimitation and installation of electric fences in larger houses. This guarantees the safety of the dog and the tranquility of its master.

Underground Electric Dog Fence Wire

A very important quality that wiring systems for fences must respect is malleability and adaptation to climates, as well as surfaces, PetSafe products can consequently be buried easily, ensuring their permanence underground and the performance between the work of the latter and the transmitter. In this way, there will be no inconvenience when the pet is in the training stage, or after it.


Thanks to the new pet safety systems, people are absolutely certain that their dogs are well and within the perimeter of the home. Some with the naked eye and others, those who need an additional cable coil, because they know they have it.

PetSafe, in that particular, works all its products in the best possible way, innovating and extending to other markets with the support of brands of the same type.

The choice of any of these wires, in short, will be the client’s decision; and for this, you must appeal to what has already been commented: your needs and those of your pet.

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