Troubleshooting Problems With PetSafe Dog Fence

Troubleshooting Problems With PetSafe Dog Fence

More and more owners are joining the trend of invisible fences for dogs. In this way, they control the perimeter by which their pets move and protect them, in turn, from risks abroad.

However, the benefits that jump through virtual stores -and that fluctuate according to the brand and style of these fences- are opposed to the problems, concerns, and questions that are often made by customers.

Troubleshooting Problems With PetSafe Dog Fence

To provide optimal service and – what is much more important – adequate care for the best friend of man, it becomes essential to answer each of these questions and point out how they should be corrected.

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Why do Troubleshooting Problems happen with fences?

Troubleshooting Problems With PetSafe Dog Fence
Dogs are the friends of man. And for some families, these little creatures are part of the family nucleus. There are people who live only with their animals and care for them with as much urgency as if they were a son. This love is the fundamental reason why people insist on protecting their pets. However, there can be no denying the existence of other more logical reasons – and equally valid ones. Because of the following, it is totally worth solving the problems with invisible fences.
  • Warranty

While other anti-escape systems work moderately for their customers, Wireless dog fences include quality assurance, as well as a tacit agreement with their customers -humans, and dogs-, ensuring protection and care.

  • Investment

While it is true that most invisible dog collars do not include such exorbitant prices, they are still more expensive than a normal leash. Faced with the loss or decomposition of one, a repair to another purchase is more feasible.

  • Surveillance

Modern dog protection systems not only limit the space the animal will walk through but also – and thanks to the power of smartphones – they have the capacity to provide surveillance services through applications.

In short, the owners can do their daily activities, always having a sense of where their animals are and, in turn, review it regularly. There are those who are more or less obsessive, but it cannot be denied that it is a more than optimal collateral benefit.

How to Setup PetSafe Dog Fence – Step By Step Guide

Fortunately, most customers who install an invisible PetSafe fence agree that it is a fairly simple job, especially if the following steps are followed to the letter.

Delimiting the area:

Before taking a shovel and digging, it is necessary to plan a design. If it is true and the fences are the most personalized canine security system that exists, it does not mean that they do not have their own methods.

According to the dimensions of the patio, the fence may only cover the boundaries that separate the house from the street. In a more specific field, the owners will decide if they want to protect them from other spaces: swimming pools, roses or bushes.

To delimit the installation area, just calculate the extension of the invisible PetSafe fence and compare it with space. Before buying it, it is essential to check this, because there are brands that sell longer models than others.

Install the transmitter and cable:

Once the limits are decided, get to work.

To begin with the installation of the cable, it will be necessary to open incisions in the ground and connect the cable according to the spaces that you wish to cover.

Since this protection system works with radio waves that are sent to a canine collar, it will also be necessary to define the intensity of the vibration that the dog will receive when trying to cross the line.

The good fortune for those who dare to install these invisible fences is that they do not have to worry about doing it wrong. The mode of installation is not only simple but needs just basic knowledge in the homework to achieve it.

Any questions or concerns may be consulted in the instruction manual that includes each PetSafe product and, in extreme cases; people may call a more specialized team.

Place the necklace:

The definitive moment arrives at this moment, once the cables are buried, the space delimited and everything that is to install, done. From then on, the fundamental thing is to train the dog so that it learns of limits and understands that it cannot pass them.

However, before that, the collar should be placed. According to the weight and size of the animal, the vibration and beep levels vary. It is never recommended to use the most severe punishment since it could cause physical and psychological damage to the animal.

In the instructions, probably, a manual of how to calculate these dimensions will be extended and make sure that the pet does not suffer any damage.

Train the can:

This stage can be fun, dynamic and very instructive if taken with patience and consideration. In that sense, PetSafe fences estimate a period of two weeks for the dog to get used to its new security system.

During this stage, it is essential to containing the dog, take good care of it and ensure, above all, that it is not experiencing pain because of its transmitting collar. After all, this is a system of protection, not torture.

The solution of the most common problems in PetSafe fences

Petsafe Collar Beeping But Not Shocking

It is best to check that the batteries and configuration work properly. If not, there are two feasible options: use the warranty and change the collar, or use a more shocking level of vibration / electric shock.

In the case of a battery problem, stores such as Amazon sell all kinds of spare parts for PetSafe products, in case it is due to a failure between the dimensions of the animal and the impact of the transmitter, you can prove the increased level or, definitely, the replacement of the collar.

Petsafe Transmitter Not Working

Through this tool, the fence connects with the collar of the animal, producing vibrations in the neck when trying to cross the boundaries. If they do not occur, it is best to follow the previous determination: check the batteries.

However, if the problem eradicates that the collar is not safe because of the level of impact, PetSafe strongly recommends setting them to the minimum and applying minor corrective measures.

Wireless dog fence not emitting an audible beep

Before buying an invisible fence, it is necessary to evaluate its characteristics from start to finish. This includes, among other things, the warning systems with which the owner may know that his pet is trespassing.

If the notification or warning beep stops working, it is best to try the vibrations or, failing that, the downloads that are also included in these collars.

All the owners prefer the beeps because they do not harm the animal, but if security is concerned, this technique is less effective.

How to Reset PetSafe Invisible Dog Fence

As the configuration allows adapting the corrective levels between animal and animal, it is also useful to know how to restart this process and leave the fence “in factory mode”.

To carry it out, you need an instruction manual, leave the collar at zero (no vibration levels) and, finally, uninstall the rope from the garden limits. Relocate them and remove them, according to how the plan goes.

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