Pet Insurance: Who Pays The Vet?

Pet insurance helps us keep our beloved pets happy and healthy, something we all want. It also keeps us from having to make important health decisions for our best friends based on our bank balance, something none of us want to do. But how exactly does it work? Who pays who and when?

Pet Insurance Is Not Health Insurance?

You may be surprised to learn that pet health insurance isn’t actually health insurance at all. It’s actually a form of property insurance and that’s why it doesn’t work exactly the same way human health insurance does.

Most of us are used to visiting our doctor, paying our co-pay, and forgetting about the rest. Or physician bills our medical insurance company on our behalf for the rest. Because of this, we must choose a doctor who accepts our specific insurance in order for our expenses to be covered.

This is not how it works with pet health insurance. Because it’s a form of property insurance you will need to submit a claim just like you would for damage to your automobile or home.

The Pet Insurance Process

So here’s exactly how it works…

  • You take your pet to the vet and receive services.
  • You pay your vet at the time of service.
  • Fill out claim forms provided by your pet health company
  • Send the completed form along with copies of your receipts from your vet to the company
  • They send you a check for the amount allowed by your policy.

This is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance as most pet insurance companies have downloadable claim forms and even allow you to file via email or fax. Also, more and more veterinary offices are willing to fill out the forms for you if you bring them with you. They will also itemize and copy your receipts for you. Some will even send the forms into your insurance company for you.

Pet Insurance Works Anywhere

One of the best things about the way your pet policy works is there are no restrictions on which veterinarian you can use. Virtually all pet health insurance is usable with any licensed vet anywhere!

So don’t be distressed that pet health policies aren’t the same as human ones. Being a form of property insurance is no insult to your furry family members. Instead, this format allows you to take the best possible care of your pets even when traveling and the unexpected happens.

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