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Rabbit Insurance 101: What It Includes and Why You Should Get One If you have decided to bring home a pet rabbit, you may want

Pet Insurance for Rabbits

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What You Need to Know About Pet Insurance for Rabbits

Rabbit Insurance 101: What It Includes and Why You Should Get One

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If you have decided to bring home a pet rabbit, you may want to think about all the ways in which you can give them a safe upbringing. If you are wondering about ways to do that, the following are some details about pet insurance for your pet bunny:

How Does Rabbit Insurance Work?

Pet insurance for rabbits works just like any other type of pet insurance may work. In case of an accident, illness or other types of medical requirement, your rabbit’s insurance should be able to cover the expenses of the treatment.

As with most other types of pet insurance, pet insurance for rabbits will typically also not cover pre-existing conditions. So, if your rabbit is born with a medical condition or if there is a chronic condition that appeared before the policy kicks in, it will not be covered by the insurance. Other than that, things like accidents, illness, behavioral issues, etc, may be covered by insurance.

Common Claims or Illness for Rabbits

While rabbits are generally healthy animals and proliferate at a healthy rate as well, there are some illnesses that rabbits may be more prone to. The following are examples of some of these illnesses, that you should try to get coverage for if possible:

  • Encephalitozoonosis
  • Overgrown teeth
  • Myxomatosis
  • Uterine tumors
  • Viral hemorrhagic rabbit disease

Keep in mind that while these are illnesses that a rabbit may get in its lifetime, there is no certainty that they will get it. If you follow a good diet, get routine health check-ups and provide a safe and hygienic environment for your pet rabbit to thrive in, then there is a great possibility that none of these problems will ever arise. It is also important to make sure that your rabbit is fully vaccinated and stays updated on all the required booster shots.  

With a clean environment and a good diet, you can easily eliminate diseases like conjunctivitis (which is similar to the pink eye) and overgrown teeth (which occurs when the rabbit does not grind its teeth enough, causing them to overgrow and curl). 


What Does Your Rabbit Need?

Of all the pets in the world, buying pet insurance for rabbits may seem like a bizarre and excessive thing to do. However, having the right kind of coverage can mean the difference between life and death.

You can never predict when an emergency might strike you. You may not be prepared for an untoward accident or a sudden bout of illness. But with the right insurance coverage, you will be able to get your beloved pet rabbit the right kind of care and support, without compromising on the cost of the treatment.

All of the ailments that have been mentioned above should ideally be covered in your pet insurance for rabbits. These are some of the most common ailments that rabbits may suffer from. Be sure to do thorough research even before you get the pet, so you can be sure of whether they can adjust to the weather conditions where you live, what kind of home you will make for them, where they will sleep, etc.

It would also be useful to know if there are good pet stores near you so you can get the right kind of nutrition for your rabbit.

A Commitment of at Least a Decade

But apart from taking care of all these logistical things, such as getting insurance cover for all the right things, the most important thing is that you must be willing to commit yourself to care for this pet for at least ten years, which is the average lifespan of a rabbit. You may imagine that a rabbit will require less work than a dog or some other kind of pet, but that is not necessarily true.

They too require a lot of space to frolic, a clean area to sleep and a general sense of compassion. Sure, they like to go off on their own and spend some time by themselves, but they are also extremely intelligent and sociable creatures that require affection and company once they have gotten used to it.  

Also, as you would with any child, you also need to bunny proof your home so there is nothing left lying around the house that your pet bunny may end up chewing by accident and getting sick.

Things like computer wires and electronics should certainly be kept out of their reach for your own good, as a bunny will not discriminate if they find something that is fun for them to chew.

Rabbits also famously strew their droppings around and are also known to go several times in a day. So you have to spend the time and patience in litter training them.

Final Thoughts

The information above should hopefully give you a lowdown of what it means to care for a pet rabbit. While they are delightful creatures of the wood, it is no mean feat caring for a pet rabbit!

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