Pet Health Insurance Company Claim Forms

Are you worried about filing pet health insurance company claim forms?  Don’t be. Most pet health companies make it simple as pie to get them, fill them out and submit them too.

Why Do I Need Pet Health Insurance Company Claim Forms?

Because pet insurance is a form of property insurance instead of true health insurance it doesn’t work like the health insurance we humans use at our doctors.  You will pay your vet bill at the time of service then submit a claim form along with copies of your receipts to your pet insurance company.  They will review your claim just like your auto or homeowners insurance company does when you submit a claim and issue you a check for the reimbursable amount.

Where Do I Get Pet Health Insurance Company Claim Forms?

Most pet insurance companies make their claim forms available on their websites.  Simply get online and visit your companies site.  Locate the member’s area and look for the claim form download.  If you can’t find it call your representative and ask them to guide you to the right place, send you a link to the correct page, email you copies or send them in the mail.

Once you have your companies claim forms make copies of them so you’ll always have one to take with you to your veterinarian.  I keep copies of mine in the glove box of my car so I don’t have to think about it.

Be sure to take them into the vet’s office with you because they will often fill them out for you.  This is a huge help with getting the correct names of procedures spelled correctly as well as ensuring you don’t miss anything.

How Do I File Pet Health Insurance Company Claim Forms

Filing your pet insurance claim forms varies from company to company.  Some want you to mail them in the old fashioned way (can you tell I don’t think much of this method?  Sorry to you purists but this just makes the time between submission and receipt of your cash longer).

Most companies will let you fax or email the filled out forms along with copies of your veterinary receipts to them.  Instructions for filing will be found in the same section of your companies website as the blank claim forms.

Be sure to read any submission instructions prior to submitting to insure the fastest turn around.  Call if you need clarification.  It sucks to have forms returned to you because of error.

Bottom line, these days your pet health insurance company will make it super easy for you to find, fill out and submit your insurance claim forms.

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