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Pet Dental Insurance

Get the Best Dental Insurance for Your Pet

Can I get pet dental insurance? Absa-Darn-Tootly you can. It’s one of the best ways to keep your pet healthy and happy. Let’s face it, your pets teeth need professional care to keep them healthy and strong just as yours do and it can cost just as much. Sadly, due to cost, oversight or what ever dental hygiene is often overlooked in veterinary care.

Is Pet Dental Insurance Easy To Get?

Yes, most top pet insurance providers offer a dental option for your pet. This insurance will be an added option to your basic pet health insurance policy. Pet insurance companies do it this way because a great many people don’t see the need to care for their pet’s teeth. This keeps insurance costs down (if not vet bills) for those who elect to forgo dental coverage yet makes it readily available for the savvy pet owner.

Luckily many pet owners are securing dental coverage for their pets these days. Dog dental plans and cat dental plans are becoming more and more common. Thus saving them much frustration and expense while at the same time insuring their best friend gets the care they need without breaking the bank.

See our “Pet Insurance Review” section to see which top pet insurance companies offer pet dental plans.

What Does Pet Dental Insurance Cover?

As with all things, including human health/dental plans, coverage varies depending on where you are, what company you are dealing with and what you want to spend. Really the most striking difference is that when you pet has a problem with his teeth he’s treated by a veterinarian!

A typical pet dental plan will cover accidental damage to your pets teeth. It will cover damages caused by illness. Routine cleanings and maintenance are not usually covered but can sometimes be added on.

At the time of service you’ll need to pay the vet bill for your pets dental visit in full. Then submit a claim form to your insurance company to receive reimbursement. How much they pay you back will depend on the policy you selected, the amount of deductible (think of it as a co-pay, but it’s called a deductible because pet insurance is actually a form of property insurance), etc.

So… Is Pet Dental Insurance Right For You?

This is a decision only your conscience and your pocketbook can answer. What I can tell you is it’s readily available, can save you tons of cash and your dear pet much discomfort (not to mention your discomfort from his BAD breath… LOL). Just remember to be a savvy shopper by doing your homework and reading the fine print before you buy.

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