How to Install a No Dig Dog Fence?

There is no more useful no-dig dog fence (no dig dog fence) than the Grand Empire XL for you to buy right away. This fence is the one you need to keep your pet at home, but without installing sophisticated equipment. The Grand Empire is a very popular fence with which you can restrain your pet without digging in your backyard.

With a no-dig fence, you can keep your yard looking beautiful while grooming it for your pet. Below you will get to know the Grand Empire XL, its installation system, and why you should buy it. Get to know this system for your pets thoroughly and clear up doubts about its operation and correct use.

How to Install a No Dig Dog Fence?

What is No Dig Dog Fence?

In simple terms, a dog fence is a system with which you can protect and retain your pet in a specific place. Usually, you can install the fence in your backyard, setting up your pet’s place to live and play freely. The fences for dogs are of different types, both physical and invisible, using an electric shock collar.

A dog fence should not be used to punish your pets but for the simple fact of protecting them by keeping them at home in your sight. Many of these systems are easy to install, and each is priced based on performance. You can buy the fence that you like as long as you see that it works for your house protecting your pet.

From an aesthetic point of view, you need a fence for dogs that do not change the perfect view that your home has. Some fence systems for dogs require you to modify your home in some way, losing value. So that you do not lose value in your home, the idea is to buy a superficial and easy to disassemble a dog fence.

Why No Dig Fence to use?

A No Dig fence for your pet has an efficient system, but this does not reward you for modifying your house. This fence completely changes the view of your home, so it is not profitable for you to use it. You will lose a lot of money if you drill into the dirt, create giant holes by installing a dog digging fence.

If you destroy your real estate in any way, you are losing something of value, and your ROI on the sale may not be the same. You have to analyze the things that you can and cannot do inside your home so as not to lose its value. Without using an No Dig fence, you will be avoiding the loss of prestige of your property if you want to sell it in the future.

No Dig fences also have a complex setup where you will spend a lot of money on a trick service. With a common fence, you can install it by itself, it will not take much time, and it will fulfill the same function as any other fence. You have to make an intelligent decision and avoid a system for your pet that will detract from the value of your property in the future.

You need to take a no-dig fence from the first moment that you want to keep your pet locked up at home. This fence system is very inexpensive, attractive, and simple to install so that you won’t think too much about it. The no dig fence allows you to do double duty by protecting your pet but not spending a lot of money.

If you have a naughty dog that wants to be on the street at all times, you have to buy a fence to enclose it. With a safe area for your pet, you will not only protect him from outside dangers but also protect your home. You can sleep easy knowing that you have your guard dog on one side of the yard very alert to unfamiliar guests.

These fences should be your first resource and not the last; you do not have to miss the opportunity to arrive at an optimal system. You can install and uninstall them whenever you like; you will have the versatility to do so without extra hands. These fences are light; you do not have to modify the terrain where you put them; you will install it and enjoy its function.

Grand Empire XL Fence

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If you have already decided to buy a traditional fence that does not require a previous No-Dig in the ground, you need the Grand Empire XL. This product is one of the most popular globally to maintain a boundary between your home and the street. You can keep your pets tightly enclosed with a hard steel product that won’t break easily.

Grand Empire XL is the dog fence you need in your life; it is easy to install and affordable. You can be surprised by this system that does not detract from the beauty of your house’s facade. As it is an easy assembly and disassembly system, you can earn money on your property by including it in the purchase.

You can stick with a stylish fence with hard, stainless steel bars that can withstand any weather. This product is recognized for its lightweight and its refreshing design bathed in a matte black finish. You can paint your fence to taste the original color if you like or request it from the supplier as you wish.

The Grand Empire XL fence system is sold by plans where it comprises the following measures:

  • 54 inches long (137.16 centimeters)
  • 45 inches tall (114.3 centimeters)
  • 1 inch wide each bar (2.54 centimeters)
  • 4 inches of spacing between bars (10.16 centimeters)

You can purchase access with the same material that has the standard measurements of a door in thickness. Each template has its affordable value, where you can buy ones that will cover your entire yard or dog area. Your pet will have no problems integrating with the fence, avoid using it on small dogs that cross them.

Get in style with the Grand Empire fence

Your house may need an aesthetic update, and with the Grand Empire XL fence, you will be able to do it. This fence has a very special design where you can show off a very safe house but not exaggerated in your system. These fences will make your home a palace where you will mark the separation between your life and the community.

With an average height in the templates, you will not have a house with poor visibility; the fences will not affect it completely. Each bar has a sharp point at the end of its height to prevent thieves or others from jumping over it. You have to teach your pet not to jump over the fence to avoid accidents being stuck in the area.

When you take the Grand Empire XL fence or other models, you also acquire a maximum 5-year warranty against imperfections. You can complain to the supplier of the product in case the fence rusts or breaks in use. You mustn’t neglect the fence and less if it is in the presence of vegetation, do not let it consume it.

Reasons to buy the Grand Empire XL fence

The reasons you should buy this fence over other dog fencing systems are because of its performance. You can use the fence when necessary and disassemble it when you want or no longer have a pet to protect. The user has no limits, and you can cover your entire house or a specific area set aside for the dog.

The price is a very important reason because you will save a lot of money with the Grand Empire fence. For each template that you buy in the product, you are taking the best materials that will last for years. You will not need to renew the system; you buy it today and keep it for a whole generation in your home.

You can paint the fences to taste according to the color you have on your house’s facade to match. With this advantage, you can integrate the system into your home, which adds a few dollars to your ROI for selling the property. The house’s new Renters may love the system and order their purchase with this system integrated into their facade.

It is better that you have a fenced-in house that avoids strangers in your yard or even animals. Depending on where you are, an animal may like to roam the gardens, with the fence, you will avoid it. You can place flowers, trees, or other vegetation in your home without the fear that some person or animal will spoil it.

How to Install a No Dig Dog Fence? (Grand Empire XL fence)

If you have already decided to buy the Grand Empire XL fence you should know how to install it, but before that, you must have on hand:

  • A hammer and a rubber mallet
  • The Grand Empire XL fence panels
  • Stakes and posts for the fence
  • A screwdriver
  • Some rope

With these few supplies, you can proceed with installing your dog fence by following these steps:

  1. You have to measure the length of the fence; with this, you can calculate the number of Grand Empire XL panels you need. You have to consider your garden’s access panels; their width diameter is 1-meter maximum on one sheet. If you want to install the main transition door, you need two leaves so that your access is not limited.
  2. With some rope, you must travel a straight line along the length to correctly locate the fence. You must verify that the fence is straight, that it follows a perfect line from end to end. In case you do not have a rope, you can make the guideline with an aerosol, chalk, or marker.
  3. You have to place all panels and entry access at the end of the rope to verify that it is straight. You have to see the entire installation ground to avoid drilling a useful item in your home. You should avoid tree roots to pierce the fence; this can give it a bad grip.
  4. You have to detach the screw connected to the tip of the post using your spade head screwdriver. You have to do it very carefully, avoiding that the screw shape is smoothed out or loses its grip.
  5. You will need a piece of wood and a hammer to hammer in the tip that will hold the fence panels. With the stripper wood, you will prevent the pick from twisting or completely losing its paint with the blows. You can do this procedure in winter times to take advantage of the fact that the earth is soft from the rain.

You have to check that the pick’s punch point is uniform to avoid the fence being twisted in your installation. You must correctly insert the pick into the ground and avoid areas with many stones spoiling your work. You have to do everything possible so that each prong enters the ground correctly, surround the area until it is inserted.

  1. You want to make sure that the alignment panel is right at the spike of the fence. When you verify this, you can slide the entire post between its grommets and over the tip on the ground. You will need help holding the fence while you link the panel to the dowel.
  2. You must repeat the process of driving the tip into the ground and then aligning the panel with a bar in the next few sections. You must verify that the communion between both panels is correct to avoid a domino effect after installation. To join the panels, you need a point in the center with the bar that will be nailed.
  3. Touch each panel and submit it to some pressure to verify that they are properly installed, you have to secure them if you made a bad installation. After you have installed the fence correctly, you will have to enjoy it and free your pet.

You must follow all the steps correctly to prevent the fence from being crooked or falling in a short time. If you have more questions in this regard, you can consult your supplier to receive extra help in its installation.

No Dig Dog Fence for Home Depot, Lowes

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Dog fences that you don’t need digging are easy to obtain, and you can contact the supplier whenever you like. The Home Depot Company Lowes has this product at your fingertips under different models for you to choose from. You can purchase a beautiful fence of the color you want and the number of installation panels for your home.

You can take a standard, normal, or XL-sized Grand Empire fence that is of great value in your home. You have to make a tough decision between the sizes of the installation panels according to your home’s width. You should not buy a product without consulting how much you need to avoid having unnecessary fence panels in your home.

Regardless of where you choose to buy the GrandEmpire XL fence, you have to check that it is quality. You should not accept the product’s imitations; confirm that it is useful to install it in your home.

Things to Consider Before Buying it

Before buying a fence for dogs, you have to consider some things to let you know if it is the best product. This fence is an innovation to redecorate your home and, at the same time, keep your pet protected from the outside. Among the most important elements that you should consider when choosing the Grand Empire XL fence are:

  • Budget

These no digging fences are very inexpensive when compared to other pet fence systems. With the specific Grand Empire XL fence, you will save many dollars buying its extended size panels. You won’t have to pay anyone for the installation; you can do it yourself with some commonly used tools.

The budget is also reflected in the fact that the fence is a single installation and does not require maintenance from time to time. You can purchase a resistant steel element that will last in your home for many years in the rain, sun, snow, etc. You have to make a single investment with this steel fence and not worry about your pet’s safety in the yard and at home.

  • Temporary need

You can create a margin between the outside world and your home where you can see it, but it isn’t easy to reach it with the fence. If you are afraid of open gardens where all the neighbors enter without problems, it is time for you to install a fence. You will continue to see your community, neighbors, even the road but with a little privacy that only Grand Empire XL provides after installation.

The temporary necessity also infringes on the fact that you will keep away the animals surrounding your community or neighborhood. If you have a small child who loves the main patio or garden with the fence, you can protect him from leaving. This element has multiple uses, not only will your pet enjoy it by giving it freedom in the yard with limits but also your whole family.

  • Curb appeal

If you want a house with character, you should install the Grand Empire no dig fence. By installing the fence, your house gains a lot of styles; the neighbors will compare it to that of a King or even the style of the “white house.” With this feature, you will increase your home’s attractiveness, and this is necessary if you have plans to sell it in the future.

  • Renters

You will not create a conflict with Renters by installing a No-Dig fence in your yard due to its installation’s sound. The process of putting up the Grand Empire fence is silent, and you can assemble or disassemble it without being detected by anyone. You should take as your first and only option this system that is easy to install for a community that creates conflicts.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may still have some questions about the Grand empire fence or how important it is to use it. You have to solve all the unknowns to have no limits, and buy the product immediately, answer some:

Do no dig fences work?

No Dig fences do work, but they can compromise your home on various economic and aesthetic factors. If you don’t want a fence forever, then you shouldn’t buy a fence with No Dig to avoid having it as an ornament. In some communities, the use of No Dig fences without consent is also prohibited according to the laws that they maintain during their stay.

You have to avoid this fence to discredit your home; this may be the most important reason for a future sale. Some families do not share your idea of ​​having fences and love open gardens, so your house can lose value. In summary, the No Dig fences do work, but when you are sure that you will use it.

Why no dig fence is cheap?

Digging fences are expensive because they have a whole specialized team behind them at their installation. It is unlikely that you will install this fencing system on your own and that you will need help from an extra service. No Dig fence panels are inexpensive, how expensive is when you get help to install them.

With digging fences, you also have to invest in all the materials to secure each bar to the ground. On some occasions, you will have to apply for a permit to dig in your community’s soil, more if you are a tenant. If you want to save time on paper and money, you can buy the Grand Empire fence with a short installation.

Are no dig fences sturdy?

No Dig fences have a big problem in that they are constructed of low durability material. Many of these fences rust over time, primarily at their buried base exposed to the ground. In less than a year, you will see your No Dig fence fall apart, losing your investment.

If you want a sturdy digging fence, you have to spend thousands of dollars on one that is built with quality products. You have to take a great risk because many of these products do not stand up to what they promote in their sale. If you do not want to take risks, abstain from the No Dig fences and opt for one of the easy installations of reinforced steel.

Which height is best for no dig fence?

If you take the Grand Empire XL fence as your fence system, you must enjoy its height at 1 meter. At this size, you can have a good view of your community while still staying separate. Your dog or children will not be able to jump over this fence, which will be very beneficial for you to be aware of them in the yard.

Since these hurdles are sharp-pointed, you can be unconcerned for a moment, knowing that no one would want to jump over them. It is almost impossible for an adult person to climb the fence and fall in your yard or on the path. If you want to increase its size, you can purchase fences 2 meters high where your house will become a total fortress.

Is there any no-dig fence kit available?

In the market, there are several kits that you can purchase in fences of easy installation anti-No Dig. You have to browse the internet and find the best one that suits your investment budget. In these kits, you can take several panels that you will find incredible to cover the entire perimeter of your house.

You can see that the Grand Empire XL has some kits at your fingertips where you get some reasonably priced panels. With this offer, you acquire an incredible product that will last in your home for years and without spending a lot of money. You have the freedom to compare prices until you find the most profitable one, but you must not forget the quality of the product.

Does Grand Empire XL have guarantees of use?

When you buy the fence system, you are getting a unique 5-year rust-use warranty on the panels. You can report your disagreement in that time provided to be assigned another panel or reimbursement. To qualify for the warranty, you have to verify that the fence’s installation was correct and that somehow it did not cause the problem.

The company is so confident in their product that they offer this guarantee; users have never reported panel failures. You will keep your fence installed for five years and even longer without presenting any problems with stainless steel. The steel of Grand Empire XL resists water, sun, rain, snow, or other natural elements from the moment you install it; you buy it.


Anti-digging fences are what you need for your pets and other functions in your life. You can get an optimal security system that does not affect the aesthetics and value of your home in the future. With these fences, you can protect your pets and babies in the yard from all around you.

The best detachable pet fence is the Grand Empire due to its easy installation and fancy materials. You can buy the panels you want at an affordable price and assemble it yourself without extra help. With this system, you will save a lot of money and optimize the benefits that traditional No Dig fences give you.

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