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Native American Indian Dog

A dog pulling a loaded travois or carrying a pack on his back, another is herding mountain goats into a newly made snare, similar type of dogs are seen courageously fighting wild animals to protect Native American children… these dogs are the Native American Indian Dogs. This breed has existed with the Native Americans for thousands of years. Nowadays, the same types of dogs are at times seen in Indian reservations. These dogs are extremely rare. It is even believed that authentic NAIDs are no longer in existence. This breed has admirable appearance. The abundant and fluffy coat comes in a range of attractive colors. The long tail profusely covered with soft hair adds to the outstanding appearance of this breed.

Many historians believe that the dogs seen in old paintings of Native Americans and described in books are already extinct. The Native American Indian Dogs have been around for centuries. These dogs are versatile and all around workers. The tribes highly depend on these dogs to perform varied tasks – from hunting, weight pulling and guarding not to mention being loyal and devoted companions. These dogs were used in ceremonial religious rites to heal the sick or to appease the gods. The dogs have served as emergency source of food for the tribes as well.

The Native American Indian Dog that is being sold in North America is believed to be recreated from the ancient breed. A breeder has developed and placed a registered trademark on a breed created from German Shepherd, Malamute, Chinook, husky and from the dogs found in Indian reservations. Further, it was believed that the descriptions and the photographs of the dogs kept by the Indian tribes were followed in the development of the breed. This breed has a rather controversial origin. Authentic or recreation, the Native American Indian Dog is indeed a wonderful breed not only because of its gorgeous appearance but also because it is acclaimed for its outstanding working qualities and well balanced temperament.


The Native American Indian Dog is a handsome breed that closely resembles a wolf or a Siberian Husky because of its gorgeous medium to long fluffy soft coat. The hair of this breed is of two types. A NAID can have two layers of thick, short and dense outer coat with a dense waterproof undercoat. Some specimens can have a long outer coat with a dense undercoat. Coat colors range from grey, black, white, silver, red, blue, tan and rust. A dark brown to black hair with a little white hair combination results to a worn hued coat. Some specimens have tortoise shell colored coats. One that has a broken pattern coat is considered to be sacred by the Native Americans. These rare dogs are dubbed as “Spirit Dogs” and commonly used in religious ceremonies. A Native American Indian Dog has an angular shaped head that is thickly covered with fluffy fur. A long and narrow muzzle tapers to a black medium sized nose. Set rather high on top of the head are the large erect ears. Almond shaped eyes that range from brown to amber in color gives the dog an alert and intelligent expression. The long tail that is abundantly covered with hair can be tightly curled similar to the tail of the Siberian Husky or hang down with a slightly curved end. The dog’s broad neck is well covered with fur. This muscular dog has a deep chest, well muscled thighs and rather short skinny legs. The webbed feet allow the dog to pull travois with about 250 pounds of game and belongings and carry loads of 40 to 50 pounds on its back.


In 2009, a dog picked a 3 day old baby from a crib. The baby was injured by the dog that was known to be a Native American Indian Dog. The incident has created fear among owners of this breed. Can this be a freak incident? Native American Indian Dogs are very territorial and leery of strangers but these dogs are not vicious. This breed tolerates other dogs and other pets of the family. A Native American Indian Dog is noted for its protective instinct. In fact the dogs were utilized by Indian tribes to baby sit children while the parents are away hunting or gathering food. These intelligent dogs are playful, devoted and loyal to their family. They make excellent companions and playmates of older children. The eagerness to please attitude of the dog makes it a wonderful and suitable choice for a home companion. Training the dog would be easy as apart from being intelligent, they are very obedient as well. These dogs are never aggressive but it will move with alacrity if it sees that the master is threatened. This energetic dog loves the outdoors but it would calmly stay inside the house if it means that it can stay close to its favorite people. A Native American Indian Dog though does not fit all households. This breed’s exercise requirement is not very high, a long daily walk would be enough to keep the dog mentally and physically fit. However, accustomed to living in big spaces, this breed would not do well in apartments. A large well fenced in yard would make this breed happy.


Grooming this dog is easy. In spite of the thick fluffy coat, a once a week brushing would be enough to maintain the coat’s good condition. This dog sheds heavily during spring and fall. More frequent grooming will be necessary when the dog is shedding. Trims and professional grooming will not be necessary. This breed has no doggy smell thus the dog would not need frequent bathing.


The Native American Indian Dogs are considered as precious commodities as they have always been vital to the existence of the Native Americans. Ever since the ancient times, dogs were the most loyal friends of man. But aside from the companionship dogs have helped man in a lot of ways. Native Americans are nomadic people. They have to follow their food supply. Large herds of Caribous and Bison are followed across hundreds of miles of American wilderness. Before horses were introduced by Spanish settlers to the New World, these dogs were the sole beast of burden of the Native Americans. All the family belongings are packed into a travois that will be pulled by the dogs. These dogs were utilized as well for winter travel. Breeds of dogs have always hunted and provided man with food. The Native American Indian Dogs are no exception. These dogs are excellent hunters of mountain sheep, elk, bear and a variety of water fowls. These intelligent dogs were trained to drive wild animals into snares. Amazingly, these dogs were also taught how to fish. These dogs are highly valued. Native Americans have cramped living accommodations but the dogs live and sleep with the family. NAIDs were utilized to guard the elderly and the children from wild animals while the men folks hunt and the women gather roots, herbs and berries. These dogs serve as emergency food supply when food is scarce. Native American Indian Dogs were used in ceremonial rites to ward off evil and to heal the sick.

The origin of this breed is surrounded with conflicting reports. Is the Native American Indian Dog the original and authentic dog of the Native Americans? Could this dog type be a recreated breed? Does Native American Indian Dog really exist?

Present day NAIDs are believed to be recreated by breeders from descriptions and photos of the dogs owned and raised by the American Natives. This theory though was contested by other breeders believing that the original dogs were already extinct long before photography was invented. The Native American Indian Dog has really existed, in fact dogs of this type were once numerous among American Indians. The Montagnais Indians in the northernmost side of Canada have dogs with shaggy dark brown to black coat with a worn hue. These dogs are commonly utilized to pull sleds. Dogs with this coat coloration are used in religious ceremonial rites. The Lemhi Shoshone, the Hidatsa people, the Hare Indians, the Pawnee Indians… these people and other Native American Indians have their own types of NAIDs. These dogs have lived and served the Native Americans for centuries. Unfortunately, the American government has almost caused the extinction of this wonderful breed. In the 1800s, the American government has forced the Native American Nations to end their nomadic life by allocating designated lots in Indian reservations. Along with the freedom, the way of life and to some extent, the culture was lost. The Native American Indian Dog population was decimated as well.

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