My Dog Runs Through the Invisible Fence? What To Do?

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Dog Runs Through the Invisible Fence

My Dog Runs Through the Invisible Fence? What To Do?

Training your dog not to go through the electric fence is never a simple task, as it takes a long time. The technology behind an invisible fence is great and innovative and is a good way to protect your pet. There are several models on the market of invisible fences, which, despite their protection, seem not to work for your dog.

My Dog Runs Through the Invisible Fence?

If you are giving up during this informative guide, you will know everything you can do. Forget about turning to old fences to keep your dog in restricted spaces without evaluating the new fence. An invisible electric fence helps your dog get used to space without feeling oppressed by being there.

Dog Runs Through the Invisible Fence

All fences have advantages and disadvantages, so even invisible ones can fail to cause your dog to walk through them. When dogs feel oppressed, they can become desperate and try to run over it to escape to the street. The deficiencies of invisible fences are rare. However, it is difficult for the dog to get used to them.

If you have tried to keep your dog within certain limits and have not succeeded, you may not have tried everything. When dogs are heard running through the invisible fence, many believe that the fence is inefficient. Of course, invisible fences are very useful, so you can find ways to make them functional for your furry friend.

It is typical to hear the following questions:

  • Why is my dog ​​running through the invisible fence?
  • Why can’t I keep my dog ​​inside the invisible fence?
  • Do invisible fences serve to keep your dog within the limits of my yard?

It is not satisfactory to invest money in a fence and that you feel that your dog cannot have any discipline. So that you can find a solution, you can review the solutions to your problem.

Why Do The Dogs Escape?

Dogs go out of bounds even with an invisible or wireless fence system for several reasons in particular. Other dogs’ proximity is a trigger that makes the dog forget the rules and try to go outside. If you have a male dog, it may be why he runs through the fence looking for a partner.

To summarize the reasons why dogs run away, it is necessary to list them. Dogs go outside for the following reasons

  • Annoying noises make the dog alter his nerves and forget the barriers of the invisible fence.
  • When you change your place of residence
  • For looking for new places to do their physiological needs
  • Absence of education
  • Dog genetics
  • The invisible fence is faulty in your system.

Each of these cases can be why your dog is crossing the limits by leaving the house. Dogs love to explore new territory and will do whatever it takes to get out and about. A dog owner must understand the importance of familiarizing the pet so that it remains at home.

Solutions For Your Invisible Fence To Restrict Your Dog’s Exit

In some cases, your invisible fence’s lack of operation occurs due to more common problems than you think. The most common solutions are:

  1. Check the Battery Charge of the Dog Collar

The batteries placed in the dog’s collars have a limited time for their operation, being necessary to recharge them for periods. Sometimes, after some time, the batteries begin to fail, reducing the time of considerable effectiveness. Before talking bad about the fence’s operation, check that the battery is in good condition for its operation.

For invisible fences, the collar’s operation is essential, so if it does not work, it may be for these reasons:

  • The battery is not properly installed, preventing the collar from doing its job efficiently.
  • The battery used by the collar does not provide the necessary power, making a replacement necessary.

Battery problems are the main installation problems and certainly when these are not suitable for the collar. Avoid future problems by constantly checking the battery level of your dog’s collar. Whenever you can, check the fencing manual to make sure the battery is properly installed.

In case of getting an anomaly other than the battery about the dog’s collar, contact specialists of the brand. Each invisible fence presents different operations for it to do if it works properly.

  1. Checking the operation of the fence transmitter

The transmitter is an essential part of dog fencing because it effectively sets the proper limit for your dog. After checking the battery, the next thing you should do is check the invisible fence transmitter’s operation. The work of a transmitter is constituted by everything that controls and makes effective the dog’s invisible fence.

There are different types of transmitters, some are battery-operated, and the current powers others. Verify that the transmitter is connected correctly to output the proper signal to the collar. Check using the manual what should be the transmitter’s normal behavior to fix its faults if necessary.

Generally, the most common transmitter failures are:

  • The battery tends to present failures creating inefficiency in when to send the signal.
  • The range of the transmitter is not adequate.

Once you detect the problem with the transmitter, if it has one, you must reinforce your dog’s safety. A dog in the neighborhood without control can have an accident, so he mustn’t leave the fence.

  1. Check the range of your dog’s functioning

All invisible fences come to cover a certain maximum area while losing performance at its limit. Ensure the fence covers the ground where you have your dog emit the signals you need as normal. If the fence you got to control your dog’s exit is not enough, it may be time to change it.

  1. Improve your pet’s education

The systems installed to function as invisible fences go hand in hand with the education that you must give the dog. Surely one of the reasons why your dog runs through the fence is due to lack of education. Some fences are not the proper level for pet discharge due to the size of the dog.

If your dog does not feel a severe shock, he may not understand the warning of not passing through the fence. The wisest thing to do is prepare your pet to his limits before reinforcing the fence’s shock measures. Flags are useful to start marking your pet’s exit limits by helping them understand what to do.

Use a whistle as the dog approaches the fence line to start her training. It will be easier for your dog to understand the importance of staying within the perimeter if you train him with patience. Start by testing your fence’s discharge levels until you get the most suitable for the type of dog.

My Dog Keeps Running Through The Invisible Fence

For any dog, ​​the tranquility of being in a safe place will relax him so that he does not try to flee from your home. Invisible fences are best known as a modern system that prevents the dog from escaping. There are too many invisible fence brands, so you should look for one according to the dog’s breed and age.

Try not to force your pet to hold it because this can only cause it to flee into the street. The first thing you should do is try to get the dog to stay in a comfortable area for her. Put the collar on your dog and start treating her little by little until you get her to stay on the perimeter.

Reward your dog for staying within the perimeter and not attempting to violate its security. When the dog passes the area, you are trying to cover. You must make him understand that it is not okay to go beyond what is allowed.

The personal steps you give the pet to keep it inside the invisible fence are:

Assign your pet a Generous Living area

Adapt an area to your invisible fence that is considered good for your pet to run and play. Dogs that do not have adequate space to jump will not be held up long by an invisible fence.

Educate Your Dog with a Prevention Collar

Electric fences should be adequate so that the collar can warn the dog just before the shock. If the collar does not make a preventive whistle, the dog will continue to run through the fence. Educational collars are easy to obey when you pair them with cues, so your dog understands the limits.

Play more time with your dog

If your dog is busy playing educational games, he will not want to escape the invisible fence. Happy dogs will always want to be home to enjoy their masters.


An invisible fence is a smart way to keep your pet within a certain area. Because the discharge from the collar is electrostatic, it is not harmful to the dog. To fix your dog’s problem for not obeying the fence correction, evaluate your pet.

Dogs are very intelligent animals, so if you treat them patiently, they will soon stop wanting to run away from home. To get your dog to obey your requests, you must educate them not to go out on the street. Personal checks of the fence apparatus, it is also a way to assess its lack of operation.

If your fence is hopeless or does not manage to retain your dog, it is best to change it for a more efficient one.

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