Saved me a lot of money

My vet had handed me the thing on AKC and it seemed like a reasonable deal to do it that way, and he’d given me something on it. They had a 30-day introductory deal on it, so it seemed like it was easy enough to say yes to and then do it later on. We had one claim about four months ago for some kind of a stomach issue and ran up a pretty hefty bill, and they handled it for us. I thought they were fair. The way they explained it was clear. I’m kind of bad customer for insurance ‘cause I usually feel like I’m willing to cover the risk myself, but the vet had said, “Why don’t you just get it and try it for a year or two and see if you like it over.” It was some kind of a period of time. Obviously, whatever insurance you get if you don’t use it for the first year, it’s easy to say that was a waste of money. I shouldn’t have it. You can always talk yourself out of it, if you don’t need it. If you do need, it’s like, “Oh, we got smart to get it.” So, it depends on that regard. But the people in customer service were certainly nice enough. They got a snafu with the policy number change on something and somebody looked at it, was very reasonable, got right back to me and fixed it. So, the problem was handled.
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