I have been working with 24PetWatch for 7 years now. I. MY DOG, BELLA I have a “rescue dog”, Bella, now 7-1/2 years old who has unfortunately had a series of terrible medical problems. (This has been a “first” for me. In 50 years, all of my dogs have been healthy.) First, she was hit by a car and required emergency surgery to save that leg; cost was $3,000. Three years later, she was found to have severe bilateral hip dysplasia. 24petwach covered almost all of her $6,000+ surgical bill. Two years after that, she slid on ice and tore the ligaments in her front legs. A metal plate was placed in her right front leg for a cost of $4,000 (?). (The orthopedic surgeon vet recommended against bilateral plates because she was already fairly crippled.) As a result of these surgeries, Bella has developed pretty severe arthritis. 24petwatch has paid for her to have as much acupuncture and chiropractic adjustments as she needs, as well as an extremely expensive pain medication (the only one she can tolerate) which costs $5/day. In addition, she has been to the Pet ER twice for emergencies — one was a GI bleed cause by NSAIDs (the usual pain medicine used for arthritis in dogs); and once for respirations of 200/minute, which turned out to be caused by extreme arthritic pain. Each visit was $1,000. [The “classic” insurance which I’ve had for the past two years even covers a PET AMBULANCE, if necessary!!!] I estimate that 24petwatch has spent around $25,000 on Bella (less the $250 deductible I pay each year — i.e., $1,500 + the 20% copays — around $4,000 = $5,500). Thus total by them is at least $20,000. I originally began my insurance policy for around $40/month = $480/year X 5 years ($2,400) and increased it their maximum coverage of $20,000/year at around $80/month X 2 years ($1,920) — thus a total of $4,320 for 7 years. Thus, subtracting the cost of the (top quality premiums) from the $20,000 they have paid = $15,000 paid by them. There is absolutely NO way I could have ever afforded that $15,000 in care. I would have had to have Bell put to sleep years ago. Because of 24petwatch, I have had 7 joyful years with The Best Dog in the World. <3 II. MY CAT, MINNOW I also had an amazing resue kitty named Minnow. She was THE sweetest cat I have ever known. Tragically, she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at almost age 4. Every single bill for her care was paid by 24petwatch including, amazingly, hospice care and cremation. The hospice vet was extraordinarily kind and visited daily for over a week. She taught me how to care for Minnow at home. When she finally had to put Minnow to sleep, it was in my arms and the most gentle death one can imagine. (Her insurance was very little. She had the same deductible as Bella — i.e., $250.) IN SUMMARY: With all of the new veterinarian treatments now available for our beloved 4-legged family member, it has been a tremendous blessing to me to know that virtually every treatment needed WILL BE PAID by this wonderful company. Working with them is a blessing, as well: every person with whom I have spoken have been compassionate and courteous.
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