How to Teach Your Dog to Fetch And Return

Playing fetch games with your dog could be very interesting for fun and exercise purposes. It can improve your dog’s ability to respond. Some people are lucky that their dogs can play fetch games with them.

However, plenty of dogs will run happily towards the toys thrown in front of them but then they won’t bring them back and look at you with confused looks.

If you are worried about why your dog doesn’t play fetch games then this article is for you. Additionally, all dogs can fetch things, but like a human, they have different ways of learning.
How to Teach Your Dog to Fetch And Return?
Moreover, fetching games is good for your dogs because it keeps them far from health problems and helps them in maintaining their strength.

Some of the ways for you are mentioned below:

1. Right Toy
The first and foremost thing to teach your dog to fetch is to pick their favorite toy. Many toys are available in the markets nowadays for them. Some of them are the regular tennis ball, rubber bumper, Frisbee, or kong toy.

It comes with or without a rope depending upon your dog. If your dog is not interested in toys, you can also soak their treat in water and use them as training toys.

2. Playing For A Contest
If your dog is hesitant to bring the ball then you don’t have to panic. Start with simple ways. Firstly, if your dog likes to do a contest to struggle, use this opportunity by placing a soft toy or any soaked treat at the end of a rope. Then take the toy from its mouth and play with it or toss it at some distance.

If your dog goes for it, quickly repeat this process several times. If it looks straight into your eyes with a confused look, grab the toy and play with it until your dog starts to look at the toy temptingly and goes for it. To encourage the dog for this, you can reward him by throwing the toy at some more distance.

3. Reward
If your dog is not willing to play, give them a treat. Each time they fetch the toy, throw them once again farther to increase their interest and reward them for doing so.

Moreover, you can also increase their reward if they show you more interest. Once they get the idea that, they are being rewarded for this, they will eagerly start to fetch the toys quickly and continue to double their reward.

4. Praise
Praising your dog is another way to make it fetch the toy and run. If it only watches the toy been thrown, praise him. It will encourage him and boost his level up. After repeating this process several times, if your dog takes some steps towards the toy, go wild with your praise.

You can also say good boy or a good dog to praise them and to show how happy you are with them. At this point, your dog might think that fetching the toy is what makes you happy, so he will then starts to play fetch with great interest.

5. Stuff Toy With Treat
Another way to make your dog fetch and run is to stuff their toy with their favorite treats like pepper, oreo, mochi, or another favorite treat ball. To make this way work, stuff their treat in front of them into the toy and make them fetch it.

If they do so, give them a handful of it. Moreover, you can make a variance by stuffing more toys with different types of their favorite meals and making them fetch. Repeating this process quickly can make your dog fetch faster and is considered the easiest way.

6. Hustle Game
Sometimes your dog is interested in fetching the things but doesn’t want to bring them back to you. In that situation, you should try the hustle game with two identical toys with your dog. Once you throw one of the toys, your dog will run to pick the toy and just then, call him and show him the other.

Your dog will immediately drop the first toy and runs toward you to fetch the second toy. Quickly, pick the first one and call him again. Repeat this process several times to make him perfect in the fetch and run game and in the end, praise him.

You can also add variance to the game by throwing one of the toys. At that point, when he gets the toy, call him and show him the other toy and go about like you will toss the toy in the other direction, but throw in the same direction. He will hustle, will drop the first ball, and run towards the second ball.

7. Good Gesture
Your movement can play an important role while you communicate with your dog. You can tap the ground to send him the signal to drop his toy. Always keep in mind that your dog wants love. Give him all the instructions very politely and make them eager to fetch things with your gestures.

Moreover, you can also lower the toy for your dog to fetch it. Do this process as much as you can to make him good at this. Additionally, if you want your dog to come to you, you can slap your thighs with great enthusiasm. You can apply the movements like the mentioned ones to make your dog active.


Remember to stick to the above-mentioned rules while you train your dog to play fetch and return. Moreover, don’t forget the fact that practice makes everything perfect.

Don’t lose hope if your dog takes your time and tries to get this game. This game is much fun to spend time and strengthen your bond with your dog. Moreover, do not be discouraged if your dog is not showing interest in these games.

Some dogs never love to fetch the toys no matter how much you try. There are many other fun things to do with your dog to maintain their health and strength.

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