How to shave a dog?

When one owns a dog, there are many fun things that you can do. One can go outside and play fetch with their lovable companion or they can go on a long walk with them. Another fun thing someone can do with their dog is shave them. Try and go up to one of your buddies and shave them, you might get a knuckle sandwich to eye if you do. This is not the case for dogs however. A dog will usually like being shaved because not only does it enable them to be more cool, but it also eliminates them from getting super dirty all the time. A dog’s fur coat is responsible for a number of things such as bad odor and uncleanliness. When you shave it off, those worries can be forgotten for a little bit anyways.

There are a few different ways to how one can shave their dog properly. Human hair clippers are not sufficient enough for dog fur, so be careful what type of tools you select. One will want to purchase specialty clippers designed for animal grooming in order to be able to handle the thickness of dog fur. When one is about to shave their dog, place them on top of a table with a leash tied to hold their head up. Allow enough slack however that the dog can still move his head a little bit. Make sure to hold your dog firmly so they do not fall off the table or try and jump off. Start shaving the dog’s face first with a #10 blade. Avoid the eyes and mouth so that you don’t have any unfortunate accident. It is recommended that you stay at least one inch away from the eyes and if the dog is squirming, wait until they calm down to start shaving again.

The next area you will want to shave is the legs and tail. Do this process in one swift motion going up gently on the fur. After shaving this area, switch to a blade for longer hair and shave the rest of the dog’s body. It really is that easy to shave your dog. All you need is the right tools and a gentle touch and then you have everything you need.

Owning a dog comes with many benefits. One of these advantages one obtains when owning a dog is having the chance to shave them. Shaving is fun for anyone, and when it comes to shaving a dog; it is super fun.

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