How to safely ship a dog?

One of the most important members of the family is their pet dog. A dog is a man’s best friend and for very good reason. They are extremely loyal and loving and can actually save your life if you are drowning. This is why many people often times like to take their pets with them on vacation or when they move far away somewhere. In a situation like this, it is important to know how to safely ship your dog without any tragedies occurring. The following will go over a number of tips in order to safely ship a dog.

The first thing you will want to do is to go to a veterinarian’s office and get your dog checked out. On most major airline carriers, it is required to have a health certificate for the dog in order for it to fly. The certificate must have been issued within the last ten days of transportation. Also prior to flying your dog, check out the website of the carrier you have selected in order to verse yourself with the rules regarding pet travel. When you have a health certificate, and know about the airline carriers rules, you will be better prepared to safely ship a dog and not stress the dog out too much.

Once in the air, there are a few things that you will want to know in order to ship your dog safely. Don’t forget to label the kennel you have your dog in with your name and permanent address and a number to contact you with in case something strange were to occur. Also put your dog in a cage big enough for them to be able to stand up, stretch, lay down, and be comfortable in for a period of time. It is also important to leave a eating and drinking routine for your dog with someone or on the kennel itself so that your dog will get fed properly.

Dogs are an intregal part of a family and one should always want the best for them. When it comes to traveling, it is important to know how to ship a dog safely so that they will be as comfortable as possible. It is very important to know how to ship a dog safely in order to be able to ship a dog safely. When choosing a particular airline, search their animal travel rules in order to know what to do when shipping your dog.

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