How to get rid of dog hair?

One of the biggest problems one runs into when owning a dog is the hair that they shed. Even though a dog is a man’s best friend, their fur can often times become a man’s worst enemy. Regardless of what type of dog you may have, they all shed to some degree. Some dogs shed so bad that it looks like they are getting a hair cut and the hair is falling off them at all times. There are numerous ways in order to help rid of dog hair and make life easier on your poor vacuum cleaner.

The best thing you can do in order to rid yourself of dog hair is to brush your dog on a regular basis. It is recommended that you brush your dog at least once every one or two weeks in order to eliminate the loose fur that maybe riding on your dog’s coat. It is a good idea to start this process early on in puppyhood, so that your dog will begin to get used to being brushed on a routine schedule. In addition, when brushing your dog’s fur, not only do you rid of the dog fur but you also allow the dog to have healthier skin and a shinier and softer coat.

Another way to rid of dog fur is to use a vacuum hose on your dog. Several dogs are afraid of the loud noise a vacuum makes, but if you set up the vacuum far away and use the hose to suck the fur off the dog, it may just work for you. Try and slowly introduce your dog to the vacuum idea and eventually they may begin to like it. Several dogs actually enjoy the suction feel that they get when you vacuum their fur. This is great for you because you are getting rid of dog fur that may litter your house and you are making your dog happy at the same time.

When you regularly brush your dog and vacuum the fur off, you allow your dog to be cooler and better looking. I don’t mean cool like high school cool, I mean cool like they are not suffocating in their fur that is not attached to their body. In addition, when you rid of dog fur that is hanging off your dog, it allows for healthier skin. Often times, when you let the dog live in a puddle of fur, they usually get dry and irritated skin because it doesn’t get the natural air and sun it needs in order to be healthy. When you try and brush your dog then,t usually hurts them and they don’t like it. So rid your dog off all the excess fur on it’s body so it will have a healthy coat and good skin.

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