How to feed a dog?

Feeding habits of a dog needs to be carefully looked at from the time you have one in your home. It helps in keeping your pet fit and in a shape where his regular activities are not affected. As soon as he reaches maturity, it is your responsibility to settle him into a standard routine for feeding.

For maintaining a proper body state, the diet of your dog requires the inclusion of six important nutrient groups in a perfect balance. You can always opt for superior quality pet food (manufactured) for your pet as the constituents there are always present in an apt amount. It can be served in either dry or canned fashion. Again, you have the option of mixing the two, as it is always a question of what you and your dog prefers.

However, the one question that often bothers an owner having a pet for the first time is “How to feed a dog”? They are often scared with the fact that a little negligence can lead to adverse affects. The routine that has been preferred by most vets and which answers your question in relation to the appropriate feeding habits are as follows:

Daily feeding routine

You should feed your pet once or to the maximum twice a day as a part of daily routine. In case of larger or deep-chested breeds similar to Doberman, two small meals are perfect for keeping them in nice shape. Also you need to make sure that the dog always access to fresh water. Both during meal time and throughout the day.

Temperature of the served food

The food should be served at room temperature for ensuring that your dog will have a proper smell and taste of his meal. In case of canned food that has been kept in a fridge for longer hours, simple warming procedure can take more than 2 hours of time. In such cases, you can use an alternate option of microwaving the canned product for shorter periods. The one thing, which you should always have in mind while serving the food, is that it should neither be too hot, nor should it be too cold. Serving the food at about room temperature is optimal.

Storage environment for dry food

If you are feeding dry food, you should use a dry and clean environment as its storehouse. By using airtight containers or re-sealable packages, the aroma of the product is sealed in and the food remains tasty for longer periods of time.

Feeding atmosphere

You should always choose a peaceful environment for feeding your dog so that he cannot be interrupted in his meal. It is always nice to feed him on surfaces that can easily be cleaned. Mats or tiled floor serves as the best option for feeding. Again, you should bar little members of your family to interrupt him as he can respond aggressively to them. In case you are having two or more dogs, try feeding them in separate corners to prevent bullying.

It is advised by many vets that you should avoid feeding dogs immediately prior to or after any workout. Failing it might lead to twisted gut or blocked stomach that might be of serious nature. A relaxing time of an hour is generally accepted.

Following this routine can keep your dog fit and help him in carrying out his regular activities without any trouble.

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