How to clean dog urine?

You have a dog at home and despite all your efforts at training, it is the dog urinating all over the place. If so, you are not alone. There are many dog owners all around the world who experience the same problem. So let us see how you can prevent it and if you still cannot then how we can eliminate the foul odor of the urine from your surroundings.

Preventive measures

One of the most important tasks every dog owner has to perform is to properly train the dog. Dogs are like children and need to be taught what you need them to do. Training the dog needs the help of a professional or if you are doing it by yourself, you need to know the way in which it needs to be approached for the dog to know what it has to learn.

Learn and understand the behavior of the dog to teach not to urinate in unwanted places. Create a special place to take it where you would like it to relieve itself. Choose a place which is not frequented by people and is away from the house so that the odor does not carry.

Still having trouble

Despite all your efforts at toilet training, your dog might still end up urinating in places you do not want it to. This happens more if your dog is a male. The explanation behind this is that dogs are very particular about territory and urinating is a method by which they mark their territory.

So, now we are back to square one and we need to find the best method to rid of the odor that emanates from the urine. But, before we get there remember, dog urine smells less foul than cat urine, if that is any consolation.

Some household remedies

Many methods have been suggested to help get rid of the odor of urine. Many even prefer to use common ingredients that are available at home rather than going in for commercial products to do the trick for them.

A very commonly used household remedy is the use of vinegar to clean the stains. Some even prefer to use a combination of vinegar and dishwashing products to remove stains. Then there is the laundry detergent that comes to the aid. This is also an effective means for cleaning the urine stains.

Peroxide is another remedy for your problem. It is mixed with an appropriate amount of water and used to remove stains. You could also try out some window cleaning liquids that are available in the market. But, if you are trying it out on a carpet, it is better to use a corner and see if it changes the color of the carpet in any way.

Another daily use product that you can use, which you may never have imagined would work against stains caused by dog urine, is toothpaste. Unbelievable, is it not?

Commercial Products

Many commercial products are available on the market that are very effective in not only removing the stains but will also remove the odor very effectively. Since most of them come with some kind of a fragrance, it leaves your surroundings smelling good too. There are even products available that will help you locate where the dog has urinated if you have trouble finding it.

So, if you cannot prevent it, fight it by trying the methods we have discussed by choosing whichever method works well for you.

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