Giant German Spitz

Of the German Spitz varieties, the Giant German Spitz is the largest. This breed is one of the oldest dog breeds. They originated in Germany. Some history accounts report that the Vikings brought dogs to Holland and Germany. it is believed these dogs are the forefathers of the German Spitz breed. The Giant German Spitz has a strong desire to please its owner. It is a gentle dog that enjoys exercise and being outdoors.

Each variety of the German Spitz breed shares almost every trait that is common to the Spitz family. The only difference between the various varieties is the size.

The Giant German Spitz is considered to be a medium breed dog. This breed has a proportioned body. Simply put, that means nothing sticks out from the body of the dog. The Spitz has a skinny body (torso), very small paws, long legs that are slender, a flat chest, a circular head, and a long thick tail. The color of its coat is solid white, black, or brown. They tend to have long fur but always a solid color.

The Giant German Spitz has a lief expectancy of 12 -13 years. It is recognized by the FCI.


The Giant German Spitz has a head that can best be described as fox like. Its head is medium size with a broad skull. The eyes of this breed are medium sized and dark. The eyes have an oblong shape. The ears of the Giant German Spitz are small and pointed. The ears are close together and carried in an erect manner. The muzzle is medium sized and it tapers to a point. The nose of this breed is usually black. The bite of the Giant German Spitz is level or scissor. The neck is considered to be moderate length. The chest of the Giant German Spitz is deep and has well defined ribs. The body of this breed is compact and medium sized. The spitz has forelegs that are straight and firm. The feet are compact, small, and round. The tail of the Giant German Spitz is plumed. This breed is quite agile and is very swift. They are considered to be high spirited and lovable at the same time.

The average height of both the male and female averages between 16 – 17 inches. It is possible for this breed to exceed the average maximum height. It is also common for it to be shorter than the minimum height.

The average weight of both the male and female Giant German Spitz is between 38.5 – 40 is not recommended that you allow this breed to weigh 5.5 pounds below the minimum weight. It also should not weight more than 6-7 pounds more than the maximum weight.


The German Spitz can accurately be described as a happy breed that is watchful, alert, and buoyant. This breed makes a god watchdog. The German Spitz gives the appearance of always smiling and laughing at you. These dogs are bold and temperamental at times. The Giant German Spitz are quite good at jumping and they are known to stand on their hind legs to try to get the attention of their owner. This breed requires a lot of human interaction and human attention.

The Giant German Spitz are usually reserved around strangers. They have the tendency to bark excessively at other animals and also strangers. This breed is not recommended for very young children. On the other hand, they can get along with older children who are well behaved.


When it comes to caring for the Giant German Spitz, it is important to give them a regular brushing. This is necessary to prevent matting of the hair. For some of these dogs, they do not like to be brushed and groomed in general. It will be necessary to teach them to stay while you are grooming them. Otherwise, it will be quite difficult to get the job done.

The German Spitz will be okay living in an apartment. This breed has the tendency to be active with their family. If they have a small back yard, that is usually sufficient to meet their needs. It is important to take the German Spitz on a walk or jog each day.


An intelligent breed, a pet which loves your attention and cuddling, a lovably independent pedigree- nevertheless, it is a German Spitz we’re talking of. This highly loved dog breed is what people desire to have- a loyal and stick to one breed, and a highly protective pet. Behind the cuddly appearance and loyal aura of this Giant German Spits is a history which dates back several hundred years now- a timeline of the many events which led to the widespread breed of the Spitz pedigree.

Just like any other Spitz breeds, the Giant German Spitz originated from the Nordic breed of heavily coated dog breeds. The Samoyed, another breed of profuse coat is also believed to be one of the Giant German Spitz’s ancestors. They resemble the same appearance, not to mention their similar coating and posture. The Samoyed’s history says that it is one of the fourteen most ancient dog breeds, which also implies that being an ancestor of the Giant German Spitz, the former is also considered an ancient breed.

History traces back that during the 1450s, the Vikings’ arrival in Europe marked the start of the breeding of the Spitz in Central Europe. These Vikings were Norse people (from Scandinavia) who also managed to colonize wide areas of the European continent’s mainland including the British Isles, Ireland, Russia and many other countries. The Viking literature made proof to the claim that in the 15th century, the Spitz already existed in the ancient world.

The breed started out few and spread immensely in different parts of Europe. In fact, it became a prominent breed in the Pomerania and Württemberg. The natives of the said places utilize these dogs for work like watching over their farms and lands. Due to the fast spreading of this breed in the neighboring towns, the population of the Spitz started to grow which also gave birth to variation in features, colors and size.

The Giant German Spitz is just one of the classifications of the German Spitz in terms of their size- the other two being the Toy Spitz and the Standard Spitz. The toy spitz is used simply as a companion. As the term suggests, the Toy Spitz is just used for leisure and interest of dogs. Since this sub-breed was brought to and became popular in Pomerania, it was called Pomeranian. It was also given the nick of Victorian Pom because of Queen Victoria’s fondness of the dog breed. The Giant German Spitz is also used the same way as a companion, someone who stays in the house and only used for simple purposes. The Standard Spitz, however, serves a very useful purpose which is to work on farms and assist their masters. It is industrious and loyal in nature, which makes it very practical to the owners.

The Giant German Spitz came from a breed of colorful and remarkable history. Unlike any other dog breeds, the German Spitz is a truly remarkable breed because of its features and temperament which makes dog lovers love it more.

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