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Choosing the right pet insurance plan for you and your best friend(s) is a big decision.  Sadly it can be a confusing one as well.   You want to know…

Bottom line, you want to know exactly what pet insurance is.  So let’s dive in and get you some answers!  This article (and the ones listed below) will help you sort fact from fiction and make an informed decision about pet insurance.

Not All Pet Insurance Companies Are Created Equal!

Each company has different rules about what is and isn’t covered.  For example some pet insurance plans cover accidents and some don’t.  Some will treat cancer and some won’t.  So be sure to do your homework in advance.  Know what coverage is important to you and your pet BEFORE you buy.

Will Your Veterinarian Accept Your Pet Health Insurance?

Absa-Darn-Tootly!  Virtually ALL pet insurance companies accept claims from any licensed vet.  So stop worrying about this one .

The Cheapest Pet Insurance Isn’t Always Best!

Seriously folks, don’t judge just on price point.  You get what you pay for.  As a general rule, the cheaper the policy the less they cover and the bigger the deductible.  Ask yourself, will the cheapest pet insurance policy you can find cover your best friend’s cancer treatments?  Most likely not.

You Pay Upfront

The way pet insurance works is you pay the vet bill out of your own pocket then submit a claim to your pet insurance company.  They will then send you a check for the amount of reimbursement you are entitled to based on the policy you chose and the type of service rendered by the vet.

I know you probably never see the bill when you visit your human doctor because they bill the insurance company on your behalf.  Pet insurance can’t work that way because it is a type of property insurance.

Many people are taken by surprise by this so…. just to be clear…

  1. You pay the Vet
  2. THEN you send a claim into your insurance company
  3. THEN your insurance company pays you back for a portion of the bill.

Pet Health Insurance NEVER Covers Pre-existing Conditions!

Never, No Way, Na na!  Basically, insurance companies are betting that you’ll pay more into the “kitty” than you’ll take out over the life of the policy.  You are betting you’ll get more out of the policy than you pay into it (either in cash savings or peace of mind).  Put yourself in the place of the pet insurance company.  Would you make that bet if you knew the pet had a serious illness?

Don’t get upset by this.  These companies DO want to help you do what’s best for your pet BUT they are not charity.  They are in business to make money (as all businesses are) so they have to consider the bottom line too.

Seriously, if a tree fell on your house and put a hole in the roof BEFORE you had insurance would your insurance company pay for the damages?  No Way!

Bottom line? 

Knowledge is power, especially when choosing the right pet insurance company and policy.  Now you know what is likely to be covered, who will pay, and know that cost equals value received.

As your shopping around REMEMBER… Pet insurance protects you from LARGE, unexpected vet expenses.  It’s a good idea for you if you’re the type of pet owner who doesn’t want to choose between wracking up massive debt and putting their pet down.

Our goal is to help keep your best friend safe in any way we can. We do this by finding the best insurance coverage possible.


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