Dogtra Pathfinder Review

Dogtra Pathfinder Review

When it comes to monitoring or mapping our dogs, there is an e-collar that does it all well. It is even possible to remotely train and track dogs when they have fun on vast expanses of land. While people dedicated to hunting or training dogs can count on this device, other people can also get good use out of it.

Compared to other GPS dog trackers and devices, this training and tracking device can provide one of the best results. Both the functions and its durability and functionality features allow it to suit most users’ needs. We answer the most critical questions about this device in this Dogtra Pathfinder Review to know more about it below.

What is Dogtra Pathfinder?

It is simply a tracking and training device that is an excellent complement for people who are dedicated to hunting. On the one hand, this device offers the possibility of training a dog by implementing some stimulations from the e-collar.

On the other hand, this same e-collar has a GPS transmitter that allows the owner to know the dog’s location at all times. This way, both the owner and the dog will find prey without losing each other.

However, this set of devices can also be very suitable for people who want to enjoy their dogs on large tracts of land. This tracking device lets the owner know where their dog is to stay safe and monitored.

How Does Dogtra Pathfinder Work?

This device has the versatility to function as a training device and a tracking device. You can get both main functions in the collar and Receiver incorporated within the package.

Connectivity can offer up to a maximum of 33 feet from the e-collar to the Receiver. A GPS transmitter is incorporated within the e-collar that allows the user to know their dog’s specific location at all times.

Along with this, the user also needs to have an app that works along with this device. Through this application, a dog’s location can be displayed among the necessary maps of the area. 

The user does not need to have mobile data to use this set of elements. So the functionality of this e-collar and its Receiver do not end when a forest and hunting season starts.

How Do you Attach a Pathfinder Dogtra Collar?

Connecting the Receiver to the E-Collar is very simple if you follow a few steps. First, press the power button for 2 seconds. Once the Receiver is turned on, press the same power button to switch to the collar or telephone functions.

In turn, press the Connect button for 5 seconds to allow the E-Collar and the Receiver to be in pairing mode. In turn, the E-Collar with GPS transmitter has a power button that must be pressed for 10 seconds or until the green LED light flashes rapidly.

By performing this procedure, up to 21 e-collars can be paired. Once the lights on the Receiver and the e-collar have stopped flashing, it means that the pairing has been completed successfully.

Once this procedure has been performed, it is necessary to access the App Store or Google App Store from a smartphone. Here it is required to download the Dogtra Pathfinder app. This app must be downloaded to access the most features offered by the e-collar.

Once this app has been downloaded, it will be necessary to pair the smartphone with this tracking and training device. To do so, the same pairing process that has been done with the Receiver and the e-collar must be performed. These steps are enough to access each of the features and functions offered by this device.

Dogtra Pathfinder Review 2021

Dogtra Pathfinder 9-Mile 21-Dog Expandable Waterproof Smartphone GPS Tracking & Training E-Collar with 2-Second Update Rate, No Subscription Fee, Free Satellite Map
  • 9-MILE RANGE: This PATHFINDER is built with a GPS e-collar and can be used concurrently with Google Maps in normal, terrain, and satellite view mode. It also has a range of nine miles, a tracking mode, and a two-second GPS update rate.  A variety of map options, such as Offline Maps mode, are used to track and train your dog. The Offline Maps mode is completely free to download, has no hidden or extra fees, and can be downloaded via the PATHFINDER app.
  • TRACKING: The PATHFINDER provides a fast, industry-leading two-second update rate and powerful zoom capability which provides greater live-action detail and accuracy in the field via the PATHFINDER app. Create customizable Geo-Fence alerts, use the Offline Maps mode, and more with this essential tracking GPS e-collar. Smartphone Required.
  • DESIGN: With convenience in mind, the PATHFINDER is sleek and simple. Featuring two buttons (Power/Select & Connect) on the remote, you can connect to the receiver with ease.
  • CORRECTIONS: The PATHFINDER utilizes corrections and audible tone to track and train your dog. With up to 100 correction levels, the PATHFINDER sends the correction through the receiver and is great for keeping your dog on track during the hunt.
  • DOG SIZING: This GPS e-collar is perfect for dogs that are 35 lbs. or more. With a high output and the ability to expand to 21 dogs, you’ll be able to track multiple dogs at once while out on the hunt.

This e-collar is one of the best solutions for dogs and large areas. It is possible due to the excellent features that this simple accessory can offer. 

1. Perimeters

One of the essential functions included in this GPS tracking collar is GeoFence. So this function allows you to generate a set of parameters that are then displayed on a map. These parameters are used to identify the area in which the dogs can move without going beyond what does not correspond.

Once the dogs cross this perimeter, a notification is sent to the user. It maintains the security and peace of mind of users, knowing where their dogs are at all times.

2. Tracking Mode

This collar incorporates a set of efficient stimuli for when dogs transgress perimeters. However, there are situations in which all these stimuli can be turned off. The tracking function allows you to visualize where a dog is on the map.

This function is only used to detect the location of a dog in real-time. At the same time, it is a function that is very easy to select and configure. The user only needs to choose the tracking only mode to detect where the dog is at all times.

3. Built-in Stimulations

Some training functions are complemented with stimulations to train all types of dogs. These simulations incorporate static stimulation and audible tone stimulation. Shock stimulation can offer up to 100 levels controlled from the app on a smartphone.

You can even adjust each stimulation’s power output to get the desired effect on each dog. This way, much more efficient and appropriate training can be developed.

4. The Durability of the Structure

The Receiver and transmitter built into this unit are completely waterproof and water-resistant. Even dogs will have the possibility to play or swim without being submerged too much. This way, you can notice the excellent quality that has been incorporated into this collar.

It also takes less than 4 hours to charge the lithium polymer batteries incorporated in this unit quickly. The user will get a battery life of up to 8 hours with a little intense operation of the functions.

5. Structure

The e-collar incorporated herein can be adapted to dogs with a neck circumference of 10 inches up to 26 inches. Specifically, it can be an excellent option for dogs that weigh 35 pounds and up. The length of this e-collar is 75 cm.

Moreover, it is an e-collar that is not heavy, so it will not be a nuisance for the dog. Finally, it is straightforward to use or find e-collar thanks to the bright orange color incorporated in the Receiver and e-collar. 

Benefits of using Dogtra Pathfinder Waterproof

Dogtra Pathfinder Review

Considering each of the benefits of using this device will allow customers to make better decisions.

1. Increased safety and security

When an owner knows exactly where their dog is, they can rest assured that their pet is not in danger. One of the most critical problems for any dog owner is undoubtedly the moment when they run away. Some dogs may run to a specific place without noticing that they are getting too far away from their owners.

Other dogs may explore different areas by running too far away. This training and tracking device offers a great solution to this.

The tracking device built into the e-collar lets the owner know where their dog is without even moving from where they are. It provides excellent protection and security for dogs to prevent them from going to a specific location or crossing a perimeter.

2. Efficient Training

The shock stimulation system and audible stimulation are the best combinations when training our dogs. These stimulations have a large number of levels that adapt to each dog’s progress or personality. Training a dog for hunting or different activities is always a positive aspect.

Of course, it is possible to train a dog without electronic accessories. However, incorporating this tracking and training device allows for much more efficient and productive results in less time. So they can be excellent companions for hunting or different activities.

3. Establishment of Habits

This device makes it possible to generate safe perimeters within which a dog can move freely. When these perimeters are maintained over time, dogs will become accustomed to this. Dogs will not cross rims once they learn what they are because of repetition.

4. Increased Obedience

Dogs that use this tracking and training device can be much more obedient to their owners. It is not only because of the shock and sound stimulations but also because of the training that owners can implement for their dogs.

Dogtra Pathfinder Problems

We can mention some problems so that users can deal with them in a better way.

Pairing difficulty:

Indoors, the pairing can be difficult when the user tries to pair the Receiver with the e-collar. Simultaneously, the pairing of this device with smartphones could also be hampered by obstacles indoors.

No mobile data:

As mentioned above, this device’s functions can be used without mobile data. However, mobile data is recommended to avoid hindered operation of Google Maps.

Poor battery life:

The battery may last much less when people use specific functions that they do not need at all times. In turn, it may be advisable to put the phone in battery-saving mode when you don’t need to know the dog’s location. 

Pros – Things We Like

  • It only takes a little over 3 hours to charge the batteries fully
  • The structure is entirely waterproof, somewhat submersible, and highly durable
  • A set of maps are available without the need for an internet connection
  • The different applications are available without mobile data
  • The primary device can be paired with up to 21 e-collars for 21 dogs
  • Safety perimeters can be set for dog safety
  • Shock and audible tone stimulation levels are available
  • Compatibility spans multiple Android and iOS devices
  • This device uses Google Maps
  • A range of up to 9 miles is obtained with this device
  • GPS update rate is set every 2 seconds

Cons – Things We Don’t Like

  • I am pairing a bit complicated indoors.
  • Smartphone required to access most functions

How long does the Dogtra Pathfinder battery last?

One of the most apparent features of this email and its Receiver is the battery life. Approximately 8 hours of usage time can be obtained by prudently using this tracking and training device’s various functions.

When some device functions are used excessively, the battery life can be shortened somewhat. It is the case with high levels of shock stimulation and audible tone. Even this decreases battery life and can also become detrimental to the dogs’ well-being.

How long do Dogtra collars last?

By incorporating proper care, these collars can offer an excellent lifespan. The batteries can provide an average lifespan of 34 hours. With maximum use of the functions, the battery may last a little less.

By replacing the battery every so often, you can count on a collar that is efficient for many years. So it all depends on the amount of maintenance that each user applies.

Can Dogtra collars get wet?

These e-collars are entirely waterproof to get wet without any inconvenience. Dogs can play in the water or swim if they wish to. It can be a great advantage and convenience for owners.

How do you charge a Dogtra collar?

You can have a battery charger used in a vehicle or a home. Connect the devices that need to charge their battery. The Receiver and the collar can charge their artillery at the same time. Charging the battery of these devices is the same as charging any electronic device’s battery.


After reading this Dogtra Pathfinder Review, users will have the information they need to make a decision. This tracking and training device can be an excellent addition for people who enjoy hunting.

Those who decide to train their dog will also have one of the best accessories available these days. Of course, people who want their dogs to enjoy the great outdoors can implement the use of this electronic accessory. Undoubtedly this electronic accessory will allow every dog to have more freedom of movement in open spaces.

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