Dog Fence Wires For Long Range – 14,16 & 18 Gauge

After buying a good dog fence for our dog we have second thought is which wire we need to use. Sometimes the wires which we are already using for our dogs are damaged enough. That’s why we replace dog fence wires for better performance.

I always suggest dog lovers to keep upgrading your dog gears so the safety of your dog increase and you also feel safe for your dogs.

No matter which dog fence you are using it always damages the wires and you need to change it. But if you are using the dog fence without wires then you don’t have any problem like this.

Dog Fence Wires For Long Range 2021

While talking about wires we select those wires which help us in long-range and the boundary for our dog increase. So, our dog played in the long-range and did not feel any disturbance to jump from the fence.

We select wires of 500ft. or 1000ft. and in other words 14 gauge,16 gauge, and 18 gauge because you have to select the boundary and then buy the wire for your wireless dog fence.

14 Gauge Wire Dog Fence (1000 Ft.)

Well, the distance decided by you and the ideas provided by us. Here is a little introduction about 14 Gauge wire dog fence. It probably covers the 1000 Ft. area.

If you use this wire then your dog remains safe under this area and the dog does everything which he wants to do. The Brand called Extreme dog fence to provide us this wire and if you are using the same fence of this brand and then it’s an edge for you and you can install this wire easily.

It is Pure Solid Copper Core Spool wire which is specially made of copper and the best part is not breakable. even you can’t it.

14 Gauge Dog Wire

The people who buy playline for their dogs really know about the 14 Gauge wires because of that playline works only on wires.

You can use this wire to upgrade your old fence to the new one because it especially made for it. People ask me that they use this wire for PetSafe dog fence brands. And I suggest to them yes you can use for every fence whatever you are using.


  • Solid Copper
  • 1000 Ft. Long Range
  • Use For All Dog Fences


  • None

16 Gauge Wire Dog Fence (1500 Ft.)

Our Next suggestion is 16 Gauge wire and this wire also works the same as 14 gauge doing for dog fence. But the real difference is the range. This is 16 gauge wire and it almost covers 1500 Ft. area for your dog.

If you like to go camping and hiking and keep your dog along then it’s best for you to keep your dog fence wire long and long. But the keep in mind only long wire doesn’t work until you did not get the quality wire for your pet.

16 Gauge Wire Dog Fence

The 16 gauge wires which we pick for you are specially made by copper and you can use it for every type of work like for camping or for hiking.

If you are using PetSafe, SportDOG, Dogtra, DOGTEK, Innotek and another dog fence then you can buy these wires for fences.


  • Solid Copper
  • 1500 Ft. Long Range
  • For PetSafe, SportDOG, Dogtra, DOGTEK, Innotek


  • None

18 Gauge Wire Dog Fence (3000 Ft.)

Extreme Dog Fence brand provides us 18 gauge wire as well. Because the long our wire is the more our dog feel happy and the boundary increase for him.

In this way, he can’t make problems for us and we easily handle him in the safe area. I am using this wire for my Petsafe wireless dog fence because it always gives me the advantages of using it.

18 Gauge Wire Dog Fence

If we talk about its installation then I make sure for you it’s easy to install and you don’t need any expert-level knowledge for installing this wire.

You can use this wire for every brand dog fence and it easily carries with all brands. The extreme brand made it more compatible with all dogs.


  • Solid Copper
  • 3000 Ft. Long Range
  • For PetSafe, SportDOG, Dogtra, DOGTEK, Innotek


  • None

Final Verdict:-

Long Story Short, We give you the best dog fence wires for long range so you easily keep your dog safe and increase the boundary wall for him. Maybe you have an idea about how much distance you need so pick your desire wire from above and enjoy fences systems.

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