Do I need to register my dog?

Dogs are highly valued pets. Time and time again, dogs have proven their loyalty to their human family. It is not uncommon for a person to live alone with only a dog for company. Dogs have made a significant difference to people’s way of life. As such, dog owners would do anything to ensure the well being of the pet. Dog owners know that the decision to get a dog entails more than the responsibility of providing the basic needs of the dog. There are still other concerns that a dog owner has to face. One of these concerns is the need to register the dog.

To register the dog or not is the prerogative of the owner. Taking the time to fill the registration form and paying the registration fee is not an assurance that the dog will be an ideal pet. In the same manner, not taking the trouble to register the dog does not mean that the well mannered dog will develop unwanted habits. The decision whether to register the pet or not really rests on the hands of the owner.

Are you one of the owners that cannot decide whether to register the dog or not? Look at that beautiful dog… How ever did you manage to teach the dog to do that trick? Oh what a well mannered dog you have… for sure comments like these would make you proud. Wouldn’t you be prouder still if your pet garners awards from kennel club competitions and events? A dog owner will brag about the ribbons and certificates awarded to the pet as it would show how well the pet is trained and being cared for. To qualify for these competitions, the dog has to be registered. Through the registration number the kennel club will keep track of all the achievements of the dog. Because you will be registered as the owner of the dog, guess whose name will be recorded in the breed history.

This is not the only reason why you need to register your dog. You may have no plans to breed the dog right now but there is a possibility that one day you would think of having cuddly puppies that look just like your dog. You know that purebred dogs command a high market price. A purebred but unregistered dog cannot be mated with another purebred. To be registered with the American Kennel Club, the dog has to have three generations of verified parentage. The registration fee you need to pay is not that high but are you aware that the registering kennel club puts that money to good use? The registration fee you pay now will benefit your pet as well as the other dogs you are going to have in the future. The kennel club supports programs geared towards the general improvement of dogs. Aside from maintaining breed standards, the registering kennel club also funds studies and research of canine illnesses. Dogs are considered as family members. We know that our pets will leave us permanently someday but it would be very heartbreaking if you will have to put down a dog with no chance of recovering from an illness. Studies continuously done on canine diseases have made possible the discovery of treatments that have tremendously decreased dog deaths caused by these diseases. Of course registering your dog will give you other perks. The registration entitles you to a canine magazine, a handbook containing information about the breed of your dog. You also get a complimentary vet consult. Registering the dog will take some time of your time. You also need to dip a few dollars from your pocket. But with all these benefits, don’t you think the efforts and the money are well spent?

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