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Why does my dog scratch so much?

A dog will not only be your friend and companion. The dog will also be the protector of the family. You may have taken great

Why does my dog’s breath smell bad?

Anyone with a less than appealing breath would be teased to have “dog breath”. Dogs should not have an undesirable breath especially if the owners

Why is my dog unable to urinate?

As soon as the puppy is taken home, the owner would start the housebreaking training. The goal of the training is to teach the pet

Why not to get a dog?

Getting yourself a dog should never be a hasty decision. It requires from you a lot of things to consider, and that includes your main

Why do dogs twitch in their sleep?

Watching your precious and adorable new dog silently sleeping in the foot of your bed, tranquil, gentle and placid, makes you feel a mixed sort

Why do dogs vomit?

Dogs can vomit for a variety of reasons. A dog may have a quick vomiting episode that is over and the dog appears healthy by

Why do dogs wag their tails?

When your dog wags its tail when it sees you, it is sending a clear message of friendliness and joy. It is just this quality

Why does dog pee in his sleep?

“What’s happening to you Baby Gurl?” “You have soiled momma’s Porthault sheets again!” Dogs that have lived in the wild thousands of years ago have

Why does my dog have white stools?

What goes in must come out. Dogs are voracious an indiscriminate eaters thus edible and non-edible things would be ingested. If given a chance, a