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Do You Need Pet Insurance?

Who needs pet insurance?  If you’re the type of pet owner who would do anything for their pet.  The type of person who thinks of

Pet Dental Insurance

Get the Best Dental Insurance for Your Pet Can I get pet dental insurance? Absa-Darn-Tootly you can. It’s one of the best ways to keep

Dog Dental Insurance

Get the Best Dental Insurance for Your Dog Do you need pet dental insurance? Plaque, tartar build up and periodontal disease all effect your dog

Dog Insurance

Why Get Pet Dog Insurance? “Pet Dog Insurance? Are you serious? Why would anyone buy that?” That’s what a few folks I know said when

Pet Insurance: Who Pays The Vet?

Pet insurance helps us keep our beloved pets happy and healthy, something we all want. It also keeps us from having to make important health

Pet Medications

Discount pet medications are advertised all over the internet and on TV these days. But are they safe for the average pet owner to buy

What Is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance is health insurance for your pets. It helps you pay the veterinary bills when your pet get’s injured or becomes sick. As a

What Does Pet Insurance Cost?

The cost of pet insurance is calculated on a “Pet by Pet” basis so there is no simple answer. Knowing you want to do what’s

What’s The Best Pet Health Insurance?

You’re looking for the best pet health insurance you can find. And here at “Pet Insurance Matters” we know how difficult that search can be.

Why Buy Pet Cat Insurance?

Before pet cat insurance became widely available cat owners who were not independently wealthy had to leave the health of their beloved pets up to