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Anal Glands

Dogs do have a doggy smell and sometimes the smell can be really dreadful. The awful smell may go away when the dog is bathed,


The Importance of Dental Care Although dogs haven’t become domesticated enough to stand up to the basin, grin in the mirror and brush their own


Why bathe a dog Conscientious pet owners would always ensure the well being of their pets. Good grooming is equally important to giving the pet


What are Ticks? A tick is a dangerous external parasite similar to other parasites like fleas because they attach themselves to your dog and feed


Brushing the dog’s coat is an important part in the grooming process. Brushing is extremely important to maintain the tiptop condition of the dog. Aside

Why you need to groom your dog

Many people buy a dog, love it, feed it, walk it, and water it and yet they never really think about grooming their dog. Grooming


The Importance of Cleaning your Dog’s Ears Just like humans dogs need to clean their ears on a regular basis to prevent dirt build up


Categorically, animals belong to two groups – the predators and the prey. Prey animals like squirrels, rabbits, deer, goats and horses have their eyes on


What are Fleas? A flea is a nasty little external parasite that feeds off the blood of your pet dog to survive and breed. There