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Limping is something that many dogs will experience one time or another. What you need to do is look into the limping to try to

Fishhook Wounds

No matter how careful a pet owner may be accidents still happen. Dogs are most suitable companions in outdoor activities. Unfortunately, dogs are inquisitive by

Moving an injured dog

It would be quite natural for owners to panic if they see that their pet dog is injured. The first reaction would be to rush

Fly Bites

As humans, we know how painful and itchy fly bites can be, so you have to assume that your dog would feel the same way.

Nose bleed

Bleeding from the nose is known as Epistaxis. In human nose bleeding is not really serious and non-life threatening as although it would seem that


There is nothing worse than a fractured bone in any part of your body, and your dog would tell you the same thing if you


Many people forget that their pets are just as susceptible to the cold as they are. So often we assume that because they have fur

Gunshot Wound

No one likes to think that their dog will ever suffer from a gunshot wound, but it happens, and it happens more often than most

Heat Burns

Dogs are generally afraid of fire and most would instinctively stay away from heat. Dogs would seldom sustain burns from open fires. However accidents that

Hot Spots (moist eczema)

Hot spots are also known as acute moist dermatitis, and they re usually found in dogs that have longer coats or in those that have

Hyperthermia (Heatstroke)

Hyperthermia, known more commonly as heatstroke, is a dangerous condition that affects a lot of dogs. Hyperthermia often occurs during the warm months of the


Hypothermia is more common than a lot of people realize. We all hear about dogs who get too hot and suffer from symptoms of heatstroke,