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When we hear the word diarrhea watery stool would often come to mind. Actually diarrhea has a broader definition that encompasses abnormal defecation. This means

Dog Bites

Dogs are hierarchical and territorial animals. Putting them together for the first time would often result to dog fights. Sometimes dog bites would result from


Cause Because the dog’s skin is protected by its fur abrasions are not very common in dogs. Skin abrasions occur when the skin has been


Most dogs can swim. Actually 99% of dogs are excellent swimmers. Why then do hundreds of dogs tragically lose their lives by drowning each year?


The subcutaneous tissue between the skin and the muscle of a dog is an ideal nutrient rich place for bacteria to grow. Foreign materials, bacteria

Electric Shock

A new puppy can be the source of joy of the family. Unfortunately, raising one can be a tedious task especially if the puppy is

Allergic Reactions

Allergic reaction in dogs is not a flippant matter. Like humans dogs suffer from allergic reactions too. Unfortunately, unlike humans dogs do not have the


Lacerations, or cuts, happen to the best of us and the same can be said for our dogs. Sometimes all of the wrong circumstances come


Normally, a dog’s temperature would range from 99.5 °F to 102 °F. Animals have a thermoregulatory center in the brain which regulates body temperature. This

Lick Sores

Many dogs suffer from something commonly known as lick sores, also called acral lick dermatitis or lick granuloma. This is a condition that develops due

First aid kit

Just as with humans, having the capability to administer first aid can mean the recovery and survival of the pet dog. A pet owner can