Can dogs eat peanuts?

Anaphylaxis is a very dangerous and life threatening allergic reaction. The tongue and the throat would swell so that the upper airway is obstructed. The sudden onset of breathing difficulty will cause the sufferer to panic and collapse. Anaphylactic shock that can lead to the death of a person can be caused by drugs, insect stings and food. Shrimp, fish, cow’s milk, eggs and peanuts to mention a few are the foods that commonly trigger anaphylactic shock. Peanut allergy affects over three million Americans. Who could ever think that an innocuous looking peanut can be the cause of death of allergy sufferers? With this knowledge it is not surprising for pet owners to be apprehensive if the dog was seen eating peanuts.

Because dogs are well loved pets, these animals are not only provided with all the comforts imaginable. Pet owners make sure that the dog receives top quality nutrient-rich food. Don’t be surprised if apart from the premium quality food, the dog would also have a taste of whatever food the family is eating. Generally nuts are harmful to dogs. Macadamia nuts and walnuts are definitely NO NO for dogs. Macadamia contains substances toxic to dogs. The meat of walnut is not poisonous to dogs. However, we know how our four legged friends eat. The shell of walnuts can cause injuries to the stomach and intestines if ingested by the dog. Dogs can be allowed to eat other kinds of nuts but because of the high fat content, feeding must be done in moderation. Salted, buttered, roasted, honey glazed or plain – peanuts are favorite snacks of the family. This food is kind of addicting. While engrossed watching a film, you will not be aware that you have finished off the bowl of peanuts. And as what is customary, the dog will have its own share of the peanuts. Can dogs eat peanuts? If humans can suffer from peanut allergies, is it possible for dogs to get peanut allergies too?

Peanuts are generally safe for the dog. Dog food manufacturers would not make peanut flavored treats if this human food would have dangerous effects to the dogs. Generally, nuts must not be given to dogs but peanut is really not a nut but a bean. Peanut is categorized as a member of the legume family. This small egg shaped nut is considered a brain food for humans. Peanuts are loaded with healthful benefits. Like other nuts, peanuts are loaded with fats too but the fat is the kind that keeps the heart healthy. The monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat lowers blood cholesterol level thus reducing the risk of heart diseases. Dogs would benefit from the protein content of peanuts. This plant protein is essential in maintaining the health of the cells. Manufactured dog foods may contain harmful chemicals. The antioxidants in peanuts inhibit the development of free radicals thereby saving the dog from infectious diseases. Peanuts are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals. Given in small quantities, peanuts would have no unwanted effects on the dogs. As with any other human foods that are given to the pet, peanuts too must be given in moderation. This feeding consideration must be observed as like us humans, dogs too can suffer from allergies. Additionally, peanuts are good sources of protein but this people food is high in calories as well. The salt, sugar and fat in processed peanuts can result to medical problems if large quantities are ingested by the dog.

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