Best Wireless & Electric Dog Fence

When it comes to dog safety, there are endless products that were developed with the goal of taking care of them without putting them at risk. Monitoring systems, smart collars, and, of course, the best wireless dog fence that, in addition to their primary function, help with the discipline of dogs.

Each manufacturer has its personal seal, but all seem to converge on the point of using the best technology in electric dog fence design for the safety of dogs.

best wireless dog fence

In the case of a wireless or wired dog fence system, with pennants or wired underground dog fence, electric fences adapt to the size of the animal, work in all seasons – regardless of weather fluctuations – and make it clear to the animal what its limits are in the perimeter.

Since the market is extensive and varied, it may be difficult for some owners to run into the indicated accessory. However, there is no time to lose with the following recommendations of the best dog fence 2021.

Best Wireless Dog Fence Systems 2021

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Well, if we talk about the best wireless dog fence 2021 then it works through the wireless system. You set a boundary for your dog and whenever he going to cross this boundary he got a little shocked. In this way, he returns back to his position or returns at your end.

Top 10 Best Wireless & Electric Dog Fence Reviews

We pick the best-rated fences for dogs that you can use for indoor and outdoor purposes. We pick them on the basis of people’s reviews, ratings, specifications, pros, and cons, etc.

1) PetSafe Wireless Dog Containment System

This is the first article and probably not the last one belonging to PetSafe, as it is the strongest company in the distribution of dog items. The fencing system could not be an exception.

This fence has a very simple function: The PetSafe Wireless Dog Containment System builds a circular wireless barrier that keeps pets within the perimeter of the garden – or any outside – and prevents them from putting themselves in risky situations.

The characteristic most appreciated by customers is flexibility in terms of distances. With a minimum of 5 meters and a maximum of ninety, it extends in any direction and can cover up to half an acre.

PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System is also a security system that is installed in one or two hours thanks to the absence of cables to bury or pits to dig. Instead, it adapts to a portable containment that works with a transmitter, pennants, and a waterproof collar.

It is waterproof, adapts to the size of any can, and includes a battery meter that works in parallel to the five levels of correction.

To install it, customers only have to follow three simple steps:

Define the area so that it assembles a circle or a square and you cannot mix both, place the flags at a relative distance and finally fasten the collar to your dogs and devote a few minutes to training.

The best wireless dog fence is an effective, relatively inexpensive, and prestigious tool that customers built around PetSafe. It is also a durable product and it is proven that it does not harm pets.

Although it fits all sizes, it is recommended more for dogs of medium and large breeds.

  • It can cover up to half an acre
  • 5 Adjustable levels of correction
  • Completely wireless system
  • Good battery life
  • Not good for small dogs

2) PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Fence for Stubborn Dogs

As the second PetSafe product in this count, it is logical to mention the most abysmal difference between the two: the degree of correction for the pet.

Again, customers are faced with a product that will not harm their dogs, but it does intensify the static correction of 5 adjustable levels typical of regular safety systems. Beyond hurting the dog, PetSafe Stay & Play wireless fence serves to train him just as indicated, in a span of two weeks.

With this PetSafe Stay & Play fence for the most stubborn dogs, PetSafe defies the ecological cables by devising a wireless edge that allows building a wide barrier around the patio with no more accessory than pennants and a regulator.

When you open your package, each person will receive a total of 50 pennants and the rest of the clothing to install this system in the shortest possible time. Of course, although the coverage range is doubled to 2 acres, the transmitter will only work if it is armed in circles.

An advantage of this canine fence is that it allows several dogs to be trained and protected at the same time, as long as an additional collar is purchased from the one that comes with the box, preferably from PetSafe.

Each necklace is rechargeable, including its own charger, a battery indicator, and a notification when it’s time to recharge. Normally this day is done in 2 or 3 hours and can last up to 3 weeks for sure.

To install the PetSafe for stubborn dogs, just align the flags along the ground, turn on the transmitter, place the collar on the animal, and go training on the fly.

Another safe and modern product developed by one of the most famous pet firms in the United States and the rest of the world. Those who acquire this fence must be confident. It is a good investment.

  • 3/4 Acre of Circular Coverage
  • No Wire to Bury
  • Rechargeable collar
  • You have to understand how to install it

3) PetSafe (PIF-300) with Extra Battery Pack

One of the qualities that adhere to PetSafe and its wireless fences, is security and portability. That means that each master can be sure that the protection system for their pets will not interfere with the aesthetics of their garden or backyard.

In the case of the PIF-300 dog fence, it functions exclusively as an electronic containment fence that is installed in a two by three. To carry it all out, you only need a cable and the transmitter contained in the box.

As far as the containment area is concerned, it is the same paradigm. The clothing adds a rechargeable pet collar, with corrective levels from 1 to 5.

The difference between this and any of the above is that this small punishment extends the seconds decided by the owner, so it can be extended between ten or thirty-five seconds.

This PIF-300 best wireless dog fence system is complete and includes two RFA-67D-AA battery packs with a shelf life of two or three weeks, depending on the frequency with which the animal uses it. Once sold out, you just need to recharge it.

This fence covers up to an acre and a half is completely wireless, is armed with a pleasant tone of notification to dogs and their owners, and has the distinction of being a PetSafe product.

Thanks to its qualities and ease of installation, this fence remains one of the customers’ favorites. Its greatest virtue, in addition to the recommendation extended by users, is the price and the one-year warranty.

  • Come up with 3 RFA-67D-11 batteries
  • 180 feet in diameter
  • 5 adjustable levels of correction
  • Short 30 days warranty period (return)

4) Sit Boo-Boo Electric Fence

Going beyond the traditional PetSafe, there are other brands that managed to position themselves in the pet market. This is how this count of better electric dog fences brings the Advanced model of the company Sit Boo-Boo dog fence which consider as an electric fence.

With hidden electric fencing, each transmitter can cover up to 20 acres. However, at this point, the rules change a bit due to the need to bury the twenty gauge, waterproof, and IP7 copper wire.

From there on, the safety system connects the dog with a waterproof rechargeable collar, whose main function is to determine the distance of the limit and the animal, increasing the level of correction as it approaches the barrier.

However, the electric fence for dogs has an advantage in the preparation stages, since it includes in its characteristics the warning tones, the progressive vibration that works in both puppies and adult dogs, especially in those that develop violent or stubborn behaviors.

Sit Boo-Boo promises its customers a secure fencing system at the same time, but harmless at the same time. Well, as with the rest of the products, this fence does not damage the integrity of the dog.

To prove it, the company includes two training and containment systems in its instruction manual. The first one allows improving the qualities of the collar with remote control for this and the fence. What the command does is set the limits by imitating the sound and vibrations of the other article. The second uses the one in the collar just like the rest of the security systems.

The Sit Boo-Boo Electric Fence, despite its successes, has a tremendous disadvantage: it is not suitable for animals whose weight is less than 600 grams. From there on, however, things paint for the better, as it is capable of supporting large animals, of more than 70 kilograms.

With Sit Boo-Boo, customers can feel the safety of their pets. The only disadvantage, in reality, is the appearance of wires in a seemingly wireless system. Despite this, the very users state that the wiring does not detract from functionality.

  • You can cover 500 ft with this fence
  • Works in Freezing & below 0 Temperatures
  • Support unlimited collars
  • It has 10-second shock

5) Sit Boo-Boo Hidden Dog Fence

Basically, this is an update of the previous security system presented by Sit Boo-Boo. Therefore, everything changes for the better with a wire limit made of solid copper, whose improvement lies in the design and the transmitter.

The best wireless dog fence enters the list of the best fences for dogs thanks to the durability of the battery, now programmed to recharge. Also, invisible but effective, the fence is armed with a pet training program.

In simple terms, every time an owner puts the Sit Boo-Boo collar on the neck of their dogs, they are encouraged to behave appropriately within the perimeter through which the fence extends. Especially for aggressive and stubborn dogs, the system works much better than good.

Once the fence is installed, the dog becomes accustomed to the existence of limits, and, according to his age, it will be easier to train him so that he knows which places in the house he can visit freely and which are banned.

More than a matter of health, customers see in this collar the opportunity to protect their dogs from other aggressive animals, the dangers of the road, or the pools inside the home.

Certainly, I get the fence thanks to the use of advanced technology that works with underground cords that adapt to a modern and compact transmitter, with Wave radio system and the typical 5 levels of containment for the animal

Like many of its range, this fencing can easily cover 1.2 acres, can be customized according to the areas, and is capable of covering the entire desired perimeter with the acquisition of special rope.

There is no need for heavy tools for installation, but what customers do receive as a reward is a lifetime replacement guarantee, which Sit Boo-Boo hopes they should never use.

  • 955 Feet of Wire
  • Quick Guide For Installation
  • Lifetime replacement warranty
  • Not good for smaller dogs

6) AngelaKerry Wireless Dog Fence System with GPS

AngelaKeery offers a variety of dog products including the best wireless dog fence. However, its fences with GPS tracking techniques are the ones that rumble the most today thanks to its innovation and capacity.

This fence is made with the great advantage of solving all the inherent defects that, yes or yes, you have traditional electric fences. With this model, in a nutshell, people can know the exact location of their animals anywhere in the day, from their smart device.

Equipped with radiofrequency techniques, it is possible to adjust this fence to cover 800 meters with the same ease that it can cover, for example, 5 meters. Especially the first days of training, when the fence only extends in certain areas.

On the other hand, and as a remarkable quality, AngelaKerry Wireless Dog Fence extends a totally exempt fence of interference by metals or obstacles, with which signals from other dogs are emitted by mistake. The stability of your GPS signal is formidable and enviable at the same time.

It also includes automatic protection for the dog, which is activated specifically when it moves away from the safe area. Through its collar, which works with rechargeable batteries and is waterproof, the impacts are mediated for 20 seconds, so that the dog does not get hurt by currents or shocks too often.

Since it does not work with remote controls or bulky transmitters, each owner should familiarize himself with his dog’s collar and learn to program on the fly, with the help of a complete instruction manual that speeds up this process.

Finally, Angela Keery and her wireless fencing systems offer a lifetime warranty and a full refund for the first 30 days, from the date of shipment.

  • Perfect for 15lbs-120lbs Dogs
  • Waterproof & Rechargeable
  • You can take it for outdoor activities
  • The battery can manage 12-15 hr’s

7) OCEVEN Dog Fence System

This OCEVEN dog fence bears the official name of EF851S, and if it enters into the count of the best fences for dogs, it is because of its new generation security system that uses GPS technology to extend coverage and accuracy when it comes to finding the objective.

As a worthy representative of the brand, the strong point of this necklace is its repelús to metals or objects that interfere with the signal of the fence. Each time it is turned on, it acts instinctively to improve the experience of its customers.

However, not everything is going well with this fencing system. Since it only works with a GPS collar, it is easy to let the pet go from one place to another, but it is also easy to lose track in multi-story buildings, on rainy days, or overly suffocating interiors.

The radius of this fence is adjustable from 20 to 800 meters, requires minimum training for dogs up to 3 weeks, time that can be shortened if the dog is stimulated with small static discharges that rise from 0 to 3 without damaging the animal.

To start the system, customers only have to choose the central point of the wireless range, adjust the radius to this range by pressing the P buttons on the collar and extending it from 2 to 90, for example. The limit, as mentioned before, is 800 meters.

It is also possible to establish a satellite connection; at the moment the display shows the stable 00, this is automatically positioned and it is possible to carry out the test.

Clearly, OCEVEN wireless dog fence is committed to innovative and lightweight, with an ideal necklace for technology-loving owners, modern, functional, and economical at the same time. An investment without errors is looked from where you look.

  • Use the GPS technique for measuring the distance
  • Safe Training Mode
  • 1-year warranty with technical support
  • You need to understand it’s working

8) SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence Systems

Along with some PetSafe articles outlined above, this SportDOG fence is, without qualms, within the best dotted, with a comments section that falls apart in flattery and, by pure custom, finds some bad ones.

Generally speaking, the SportDOG Bran Ground expands towards a fairly large number of receivers, especially if additional SDF-Rs are purchased. It is armed with a collar for the dog that, in addition to being waterproof, follows a sophisticated system of cutting-edge technology.

Regarding the levels of canine stimulation, they amount to 4, not damaging the integrity of the dog and alternate between the conventional beep, until the warning and finally the small electrical stimuli.

There are also several programming processes that help disable it from time to time so that the dog rests and the battery prolongs its life as much as possible.

When he performs the corresponding unboxing, the client bumps into the transmitter, the 1000 feet of ground wire, and a total of 100 flags that help set the limits and serves, in turn, as an indicator for outside dogs.

This article of SportDOG In-Ground fences could be classified as one of the best range to date and, despite its defects, it still manages to be successful by a fairly faithful constitution and public.

As a final recommendation, customers are urged to use these collars on dogs that exceed at least a weight of 1 kilogram. Otherwise, it could bring consequences to your nervous system.

  • Easy-to-install containment kit
  • The collar gives Tone (beep) and vibration (Buzz)
  • It can cover 1, 1/3 acres
  • Not Easy To Install

9) Extreme Dog Fence – Second Generation

If something can be attested to, it is that this fence will control any dog ​​without distinguishing breed or weight, since it is the improved version of Extreme Dog Fence, the company that manufactures the most impressive fences – for its length – throughout the entire history.

With a range covering 121 thousand yards, all electronic devices that belong to this network are designed faster and faster so that they are compatible with the new collar options, with 3 before and 12 battery checks, among other things.

Fortunately for its owners and, like many brands, the collar of this fence is submersible and waterproof, completely waterproof to 40 meters deep.

This function was added especially for those swimming dogs so that they are not injured and get some entertainment while they are innocently guarded.

Similarly, and as a benefit to its customers, this necklace adds the quality of being adaptable to one hundred percent. That is, the configuration is on all sides of the house where they are installed, even if they belong to other brands or were added over time.

Extreme Dog second-generation fences offer really good options for all its customers. However, this especially highlights the technology on which it is manufactured and the exclusivity of the product.

The electric dog fence is recommended, before making the purchase, to evaluate the size and weight tables that the company offers for users. In this way, they can fully assure that the ordered product is the same that they will receive at home – or any other fiscal address.

  • Buy it for up to 5 dogs
  • Water-Resistant
  • You can pick it for up to 1,000 yards
  • Not good for weak dogs

10) PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence

There is no better way to complete this tour of the best dog fences than by returning to the largest manufacturer: PetSafe dog fence.

Although each opinion is different, this company makes it clear with this article that its intention is to overcome quality technology, ergonomic designs, and an unusual sense of protection for all pets. In this case, dogs.

With the fence for stubborn dogs, each user obtains a quality product, oriented to good performance, and configured for the protection of dogs. To prove it, PetSafe submits them to a quality assessment, from which this particular fence came out very well.

Like many of these electric dog fences, levels are handled from the wireless collar, connected to a transmitter that regulates the motion sensor and alerts the pet when it has crossed one of the limits. When done completely, some discharges or vibrations are emitted on the collar.

Logically, the PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence does not hurt or diminish the integrity of the animals. In fact, when used intelligently and those accusatory eyes are taken off on them, customers are able to appreciate the usefulness of these support systems.

  • In-Ground Dog Fence
  • Not high resistance of shock
  • Perfect for every dog
  • Low battery light

Wireless & Electric Dog Fence 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Among the most important aspects that must be taken into account when selecting a fence are those that determine the efficiency of the equipment and the advantages it offers. Somehow PetSafe Dog Fence Wire is also important for electric dog fences. Among them we can mention:

1) Zone Covering And Dimensions

The protection provided by an electric dog fence can cover an area of up to 25 acres of land, which can be used in gardens of houses, backyards, farms, etc. Even though the equipment comes with enough cable to cover measurements ranging from 1 to 10 acres.

If your yard is very large and you need to increase the coverage area, up to 1,200 acres, the purchase of an additional cable is required. Originally, each team has between 492 and 1000 feet of cable, each model has its own specifications.

2) Effectiveness

The best wireless dog fence has a control range of 110 meters, after the pet passes this limit a sound signal will be issued, as a warning, if the dog does not comply and continues to advance the system will produce a vibration or a small electric shock, according to the owner’s schedule.

There are very sophisticated controls that have up to 100 levels of intensity; there are simpler ones that continue to provide electric shocks or vibrations every certain period of time until the dog stops and returns to the perimeter of security.

In certain cases, very particular, this device is not beneficial for the dog since the electric discharge and the contact of the electrodes tend to damage the animal’s skin and produce injuries, which in the long run are more expensive for the owner.

3) The Action Range of Collar

As we already mentioned, the radius of the collar is 110 meters, having a safety zone of about 40 cm. or more. This area is determined by the user, taking into account the surroundings of the house and the places where the dog may escape.

4) How To install a wireless dog fence

Each wireless dog fence contains a manual, with all the explanations in detail for the installation of the equipment correctly. In addition, there are models that bring DVDs with videos and tutorials for that purpose. Following the steps, you can install it quickly and start using it immediately.

Know all the characteristics of the electric dog fence and the correct way to take advantage of all the advantages it provides, for the safety of the dog and the tranquility of the owner.

6) Different forms of training and the intensity of electric shocks

Each team is programmed for different training dynamics. Basically, they bring three modes of operation, sound, vibration, and electric shock. Once the closed circuit is connected, the generator is plugged in and turned on to start programming the control.

There are packages that bring 3 collars, each with its command and its own levels of correction, for owners of various pets so they can train all their dogs, individually and at the same time.

According to each electric dog fence, you can program with the 3 modes and each mode with a different level. The levels range from 10 to 100, in the most sophisticated control. It is important to check the intensity with a tester or with yourself, before placing it on the dog.

If the degree of electric shock is not checked, before putting the collar on the animal, it can cause serious injuries to the skin or, what is worse obtain the opposite effect and produce a state of panic or alteration in the dog.

7) Measures of the necklace

Regarding the measurements of the necklace of the best wireless dog fence, there is a great variety of models and colors. They come with an adjustable strap, which measures from 3 inches to 27 inches, that is, can be adapted to small and large dogs, under 11 pounds to pets with 154 pounds.

8) WaterProof

Most electric dog fence brings collars that are water-resistant. Bearing in mind that, the dog is almost all day the outside of the house, exposed to rain or water games, manufacturers have taken the forecasts of the case.

Even, there is the best wireless dog fence in which the dog can be put into a pool and reach a depth of 3.3 feet, safely. It also allows you to bathe for a time no longer than 30 minutes, with which you can enjoy with the family, without any problem.

9) Battery Life

Almost all best wireless dog fence comes with batteries included. The specifications and duration of each one are very different, depending on the manufacturer. Influencing also, the constant use of the collar in the animal and the level of activity it has.

They can select between the Lithium, Li-Ion Polymer or Alkaline, being able to choose different voltages of 1, 5; 3, 6; 7.4; 9, with capacities of 2.6 Ah (Ampere hour), 160 mAh (milliamp hour), and brands such as Petsafe, VDI, among many others.

The rechargeable batteries are an excellent option since you can use them many times and it represents a great saving of money. If you wish, you can buy them separately and keep them in case of an emergency.

We hope that this detailed guide to the benefits offered by the electric dog fence will be useful for you and your pet.

How to Use and Install Electric Dog Fence

The complete package has a transmitter or generator, which is placed on a wall, preferably, on the outside of the house. It should be fixed in a place where the rays of the sun do not reach or be exposed to the effects of the rains.

Another important aspect of the generator is that it must be close to an electrical outlet, in order to keep it charged and that it can perform its function in an uninterrupted manner. Once the transmitter is placed on the wall, we move on to the next step.

You have to establish the area you want to encircle and measure it, to begin to place the cable that will serve as a protective barrier. It can be placed on top of the earth, but this can damage the fiber and cause malfunctions.

This method is simpler, more practical, and faster since it is located on the surface and does not require more work. The other way to install the cable is by opening a trench in the ground, at a depth of 10 cm, and placing it inside the groove, protected by a pipe and crosswise to the electrical installation of the house.

Once the installation of the cable is completed, the ends are inserted into the generator and the light will turn on, which will be turned off when the generator is plugged into the socket. If you want to leave a free area for the dog, you must screw the cables. In this way, the signal will be canceled and the dog will be able to travel without problems.

When the closed circuit is completed, it is time to activate the collar. To do this, the battery must be placed and the container closed very well, to protect the internal parts of the water. Then it can be programmed together with the generator and with the help of the control.

In this step, the transmitter will emit a sound and sound signals, which will indicate the selected mode. It is also necessary to place the collar, the check lamp, and the control near the transmitter, to eliminate possible external radio waves, which could interfere in the programming of the collar.

Next, proceed to place the electrodes on the collar. They are responsible for issuing discharges and should be properly secured, to avoid movements that could give errors. If the dog has long hair, it is advisable to shave the area, for better contact with the skin.

The equipment comes with a pair of electrodes of 12 mm or less, for breeds of short hair and a pair of electrodes of up to 17 mm, to be used in dogs with long hair, for greater effectiveness of the signal in the pet.

Now is the time to establish the security zones, using the collar and placing it where the cable passes, at the distance you want to fix. Generally, a height of 30 cm is recommended. so that it has the same height as the dog, so when the animal approaches the area, the electric shock will be generated.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q: Do wireless dog fences work?

Experts are wireless dog fences that this product is the best option to keep your dog in a safe area. A dog that runs away from home may be in danger. With a wireless fence, you can mark the boundary of the area that is safe for your dog.

Q: What is the best wireless dog fence for large dogs?

The PetSafe brand wireless fence is the only one for dogs of any size. If your dog is large and has tried to escape on several occasions, with this wireless fence that is very easy to install, your dog will stay safe. With a PetSafe wireless fence, your big dog will always stay safe.

Q: Which is a better wired or wireless dog fence?

PetSafe wireless fences are a good choice for large or medium yards and will also save you from having to bury a cable all over the area where you plan to place the dog fence. You only need a transmitter in your home to be able to control your dog from a distance.

Q: What’s the best wireless fence for dogs?

The best wireless dog fence is the PetSafe, as it is suitable to be placed on patios of any size. The system of this fence is capable of covering up to 180 feet in diameter, and for your control, you will only need a transmitter inside your home. This fence is preferred by users as it is suitable for dogs of any size.

Q: How far will a wireless dog fence work?

The point will depend on the brand of wireless fence you choose to choose. The PetSafe is capable of operating up to 180 feet in diameter. The advantage of this brand of wireless dog fences is that they are compatible with many dog ​​collars for better performance.

Q: Are wireless dog fences effective?

They are 100% effective since it is the best option for your dog to stay safe and not run away. While playing away from home, you don’t have to worry at all about a wireless dog fence. Your dog will be out of danger while on a wireless fence.

Q: Are Wireless Dog Fences Safe?

These types of fences turn out to be very safe for your dog when they are playing in the yard. It is the most effective way for your dog not to escape and stay away from any danger. Wireless fences will be the best security system for your small, medium, or large dog.


Although each best wireless dog fence has different characteristics, they must be reconciled to the extent possible to offer the customer what they are looking for.

Of all the catalogs presented above, PetSafe is the favorite for its experience and credibility in the market, but for those who want cheaper options, plurality is put on the agenda.

In any case, and without anticipating any fact, the final decision will depend solely and exclusively on the client’s needs. And as a recommendation, just consider the one that suits dimensions, versatility, and price.

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