Bearded Collie

The bearded collie is a medium sized herding dog with a very shaggy coat. He is very active, is strong and agile, and works very hard at what he does. He is usually used to heard sheep and cattle and keeps to them together. Bearded collies are stable and self-confident and they never show any kind of aggression or any signs of shyness.

Bearded collies do very well with children, as they are stable and always happy, wagging their tails all of the time. They are active and love to play outdoors. They are a on the large size, so they would not do well in a very small place and should not be caged up.

Bearded collies have medium length hair and can shed easily so it is important to keep up with their daily care and maintenance. They are happy vivacious dogs and love to play and run around. They like to be with their families and do very well with children, but will bark if a stranger comes to the door.

Bearded collies carry a dominant fading gene, they have a darker colored coat at first and then turn to a lighter color throughout their first year. For example, some will come out black and as early as 3 weeks start changing into more of a gray color. Then, the fading reverses and they turn back into a darker color, but they will rarely become as dark as they were when they were first born. There are exceptions, in which some dogs no longer carry the gene at all. Bearded Collies are interesting and playful and are great family dogs. They like to work (herding cattle) and play with their loved ones.


The bearded collie is a medium sized dog with long, shaggy, coarse hair. Its body is longer than it is tall and it is very strong and confident. They come in many colors and change into different ones during their first year as follows: Blues turn silver, browns lighten to a cinnamon, or milky chocolate and fawns become a champagne color. Bearded Collies usually have white or tan marking in no particular order or place. Those that have white markings on them should only have them in what they call the “Irish Pattern”.

Bearded Collies have long coats and should be brushed regularly to minimize shedding. They are dominantly black in color, but can be any color. Their head is proportionate and the skull is broad and flat. They have a large nose in the shape of a square and large, soft, admiration-filled eyes and they have medium sized ears and when alert they will somewhat rise from the bottom.

Bearded Collies are completely covered in shaggy hair, from long tail to hanging ears. They have powerful and muscular legs, which are good for running long distances and for playing and exercising. Their coat is flat, harsh, and shaggy. An ideal height for the bearded collie is between 20 and 22 inches tall, depending on their sex. They usually weight between 40 and 50 pounds. Bearded collies are usually considered cute fun-loving dogs that always have a sparkle in their eye.


Bearded collies are energetic, fun creatures that love their families and do very well with children. They are good at hoarding cattle and are known for their techniques. They are soft, intelligent and never aggressive or anxious. Bearded collies like to exercise and run around and chase things. He is great with any children, infants to teens, and does well with other dogs, as socializing is necessary. In exception, bearded collies are not always good with cats.

Bearded Collies are confident when able to socialize with others. If they are kept from socializing, they may become shy or timid. They love making new friends and gaining the attention and affection of their family. They need consistent gentle training and lots of love to be happy. He likes to exercise and needs it so he does not become obese.

Bearded collies will play in the mud and run for hours. They like to play and have fun and spend time with their families, very much like humans do. They are sweet and have great personalities.


Bearded collies have long shaggy coats and need to be brushed at least 3 times a week to keep their shedding to a minimum. They do not require trimming and can be washed at home. They only need to be bathed about once a month to make sure that they are clean and do not shed too much.

They should be trained young with patience and gentleness. They do not respond well to anger and will become scared and sad. They should have a long coat but if it is excessively long, it may need assistance from a groomer. They need moderate exercise and are easily maintained.


The bearded collie originates from Scotland, developing from other sheep dogs, but no one is completely certain about what dogs are in its ancestry. Back then, they were used mainly for herding cattle and making nice family pets. They were made to be independent as when they were herding they were sometimes miles away from the shepherd and needed those skills to take control and make decisions. They have always been intelligent and hard working. They are seen as sheep dogs, companions and in the show-ring for dog shows every now and then.

In Scotland, they were called other names such as Mountain Scotch Collie, Old Welsh Grey Sheepdog, Highland Collie, Loch Collie, or the Hairy Moued Collie. Today they are frequently referred to as “Beardie.” The word “collie” in Gaelic means “helpful”.

It is said that there were actually two different bearded collies at one time in the past, but the history is not clearly defined. Later, At the Edinburgh show in 1897, the Beardie first entered the show ring and a Mrs. Hall Walker modified its standard in 1898. The breed was almost lost until a Mrs. Willison revived it after WWII.

Bearded Collies gained The Kennel Club of Great Britain’s attention and joined their club in 1959. Since then, they have been known more popularly and have been working their way into families all over the world. In 1977 they bearded collie joined the AKC. Since then, they have become even more popular and are seen all over the United States. They are in the middle of the popularity poll for dogs, ranking 104 out of 189.

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