How To Adjust Invisible Fence Collar Strength

How To Adjust Invisible Fence Collar Strength?

How To Adjust Invisible Fence Collar Strength

Are you a pet owner who is afraid to lose your pet? Plus, the thought of losing your pet can give you a nightmare. Hence, for your pets’ safety, you have tried using an invisible fence collar.

However, even after the use of fencing, your dog can cross the boundaries. Also, your dog is not able to detect shock whenever he crosses the fence boundary. Hence, the main reason for this is that you might not be able to adjust the strength of the invisible fence collar.

You may encounter a problem adjusting the invisible collar strength because it can become sometimes complicated. Maybe, you have not adjusted the fence collar strength accurately that’s why it is not working fine.

Instead of getting worried about your pets’ security and fence collar strength. Take help from this article. This article will guide you about how to use and adjust an invisible collars’ strength, it’s troubleshooting and its benefits.

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How To Adjust Invisible Fence Collar Strength?

Controlling the strength of an invisible fence collar help to train your dog. Your dog can easily know when and where to stop.  An invisible fence collar gives your dog a slight shock. Shock warns the dog when he tries to cross its boundaries. Also, it can prevent your dog from barking.

A boundary can be marked by placing an electric fence underground. The electric fence creates an electrically charged boundary connected to an invisible fence collar that the dog wears around its neck. Adjusting the strength of the collar is very easy. Just take the collar out from the dogs’ neck before adjustment.

First of all, locate the button on the collar. Usually, a collar can have five levels of adjustments. Also, the setting level of the collar is indicated by its button. A beep will indicate the level of collar setting. The lowest level is indicated by one beep. Plus, the highest level is indicated by five beeps. You can increase and decrease the level of the collar by pressing the button present on the collar.

Now, to trigger a warning alarm or beep set the distance from the boundary wire. Also, the dogs’ fence collar alarm should sound when the dog is two feet away from the wire. If an alarm sounds at a distance of two feet then it will be easy for the dog to detect the boundary line.

The receiver on the dogs’ collar has a metal prong on it. Changing the metal prongs can change the strength of the collar. However, also make sure that the prongs are in touch with the dogs’ necks. If your dog does not detect the shock it is suggested to change the prongs present on the receiver.

How to Troubleshoot an Invisible Fence?

Here are some steps which are required to perform when you face trouble with your fencing system.

1. Receiver Collar

If your invisible fence collar is not working. First thing is to check its the receiver collar is beeping or not. Remove the collar from your dogs’ neck. Now check the battery of the collar is properly installed or not. If not then take the battery out and install it again. Move to the boundary and check the test lights. If the test lights are working and the collar also beeps. Then it is working fine.

However, if the collar only works when you are near the boundary wall its batteries need to be replaced.

2. Boundary Wire

When the boundary wire of an invisible fence is broken due to some reason it cannot work properly. A broken boundary wire cannot transmit the electrical signals to the collar. You can detect a defect by yourself or you can seek help from a professional electric technician.

However, if you have found the defect successfully. Insulate the broken piece of wire. Insulation can temporarily make the fence work.

3. Fence Transmitter

Check your transmitter is plugged-in properly. If the fence transmitter is not working then change the plug. It might be the case that the plug is non-functional. However, after changing the plug if your lights are not working but an alarm is fine then check transmitter wires. Even after all these checks, it is not working then take it to check by a professional.

4. Changing Signals

There can be an interruption of signals between the transmitter and the collar. Try to make sure that the transmitter is not close to metal objects. If your transmitter is at a distance of fewer than three feet then it can disrupt the signals. Transmitters should be placed away from dishes, cables, and telephone wires.


  • Provide safety to your pets and they have the freedom to move around.
  • Relaxation, owners do not always have to be behind their pets.
  • They can be budget-friendly.
  • Provide helps to train your dog.
  • Do not ruin the beauty of your garden or backyard.


  • As it gives a shock to the dog, a shock can be painful.
  • Other dogs without a collar can easily enter the fence.
  • It stops to work in case of the power supply is disrupted.


Summing up, it seems obvious for pet owners to take care of their pets. The use of an invisible electric fence collar can make pets security easy.  An invisible fence collar can protect your pet by making them aware of their boundaries. For this purpose, a small amount of shock is given to dogs.

However, by reading this article guide you can easily adjust the strength of an invisible fence collar. Adjusting its strength can make the collar work efficiently. Also, it will be beneficial for your pet. Hence you can train and secure your pets.

All the problems and their solutions addressed above can help you to make the fence working easy for you. In addition to that, all the above information can make you more relaxed and happier about your pets’ security concerns.

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