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Westphalian Dachsbracke

The Westphalian Dachsbracke is a short legged medium sized breed of German origin. This breed that was developed in Germany’s Westphalia region is actually the

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“A cautious Frysk with a heart of gold”… this is the description given by the Dutch Wetterhoun Club to the breed of dog utilized to

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The Whippet is an unusual looking dog, a member of the “sighthound” family that was originally bred for hunting small game in open fields but

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Health QA's


We all want to think that we keep our pets safe and sound, and generally this is true, but many dogs suffer poisoning despite our

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Porcupine Quills

If you live in a specific area where there are porcupines abound your dog may find his or her way into the painful experience of

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Grooming Checklist

Taking a dog to a grooming saloon is no joke especially for a pet parent with a strained budget. The fancy trim, the expensive baths

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What are Lice? Just like humans dogs get lice as well, although it is quite rare in clean environments. Canine lice are a different species

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What are Mites? Mites are microscopic crab like parasites that live on and under the skin of your dog near the hair follicles, which is

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It is scary to see your beloved dog unconscious, but when you do, it’s not time to fall apart; instead it is time to take

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food eating

Like most people, at some point in a dog’s life, it will experience vomiting. This is not in and of itself a bad thing, as

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