Why does my dog pee when I pet him?

A dog that urinates when petted does not have a house training problem. Dogs with this canine behavior must never be punished as this is an uncontrollable thing, not done on purpose and in most cases the dog is not even aware that it is peeing. This canine behavior that is known as submissive urinating is most prevalent in puppies and in very shy and submissive mature dogs. In puppies this need not be a concern as often times they outgrow this kind of behavior as they get older. However in mature dogs, this canine behavior must be dealt with positively.

Basically, it is a dog’s nature to accept authority. Even in the wild dogs would look up to and follow the bidding of the alpha male. Domesticated dogs are therefore expected to be submissive to the human family. Dogs do have different personalities. While some would show a dominant nature others would be submissive. An extremely submissive dog, one that has a very low self confidence often manifests a submissive urinating behavior. This behavior is also most common in abused dogs. In the presence of a dominant animals or humans these dogs would urinate. It is their way of showing the dominant person that they are submissive. They are asking the superior person or animal not to hurt them.

Urinating in the presence of the dominant one is the dog’s way of pleasing the master. As mentioned, this is not a housebreaking problem that can be corrected with raised voice or discipline. Rubbing the face of the dog on his own pee would not stop the dog from having an accident. The problem could even get worse as the dog will be confused. The dog urinates to please the master but as it is punished for the deed, the dog would urinate more and try harder to please the master.

If discipline is not the right course of action what should be done to eliminate the puddle? As this problem stems from the dog’s lack of self confidence the obvious solution is to build the self confidence of the pet. Obedience training and socialization will do a lot to boost the confidence of the dog. By taking the dog in dog parks it would have the chance to meet and see other dogs. Hopefully instead of being shy this would develop the inherent ability of the dog to socialize. Dogs are intelligent and extremely observant animals. They are also sensitive creatures. Help the dog boost its self confidence by eliminating the things that would entice the dog to do unwanted actions. If the dog has the inclination to chew shoes or to raid the trash can simply keep unused shoes out of the dog’s reach and put a lid on the trash can. This way you won’t have to scold the dog. As the dog gets excited and makes a puddle every time you come near it would be best if you would assume a less dominant position. Instead of bending over the dog it would be best to get down to the level of the dog by squatting or kneeling at his side. And never make the mistake of looking directly into the eyes of the dog as this would intimidate poor Fido and cause it to pee. A calm moderate toned voice will not threaten the dog. High voice can be perceived by the dog as a scolding voice and could trigger submissive urination.

Submissive urination can be eliminated. Some dogs will be “cured” in no time but for some it would take a while to get rid of the insecurities and to build the self confidence

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