Why do dogs vomit?

Dogs can vomit for a variety of reasons. A dog may have a quick vomiting episode that is over and the dog appears healthy by the time it gets to the veterinarian.

Other times, a dog may vomit as a signal that there are problems with the dog’s health. It is important that you give your dog a healthy diet and enough exercise and playing with you to keep your dog healthy. A dog may vomit from eating old food and inedible items that it has found in the garbage. After the dog’s digestion tract has tried to digest any offensive material and it still cannot process it, the dog will vomit the material out of its system.

A dog may vomit from stress. Efforts should be made to remove the dog from the tense situation. You can monitor your dog’s activities to avoid this type of emotionally charged type of vomiting. Shy type of dogs may vomit from stress.

Puppies and dogs may vomit as one of the symptoms of internal parasites of the intestinal tract. Your veterinarian can diagnose and treat this common problem with puppies and dogs. Regular treatment for parasites can prevent and reduce the incidence of infection.

Improper diet and allergies can also cause vomiting. It is important that your dog has a healthy diet and that, if you suspect and have allergies diagnosed, you find healthy alternative food ingredients to the allergen foods. Your dog’s healthy diet is important to your dog’s health.

A dog may vomit from ingesting poisons. Many common food ingredients can be toxic to a dog if it is eaten in enough quantity. Your dog can also be poisoned by toxic substances that are left on the property in which the dog roams.

Illness and medical conditions can also cause vomiting. Examples of medical causes of canine vomiting include stenosis, ulcers, bowel disease, pancreatic disease and conditions, lack of digestive enzymes, cancer, esophageal condition, colitis, liver disease, kidney disease, hyper motility syndromes and problems with the digestive tract. A dog may also vomit from foreign objects and the side effects of medication. It is important that you are aware of exactly what your dog is eating on a daily basis so that if your dog experiences vomiting from a serious cause, you can find medical treatment for your dog in a timely way.

Your dog relies on you for its needs to stay healthy. You must monitor your dog’s activities and provide a nutritious diet to prevent your dog from eating the neighbor’s garbage.

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