Why do dogs need toys?

Dogs just like the majority of animals that are living on this planet need some form of play in their lives, its important because constant unhappiness can lead to an unhealthy and unhappy life for the dog. This is fairly obvious but it is extremely important that you are informed as to why dogs need toys, and this article will be explaining why dogs need toys and what it achieves if they have toys to play with.

So the main question is, why do dogs need toys? Well, they don’t need toys in the sense that they are a necessity. But it is a luxury to dogs and it can really improve their overall lifestyle, after all, if your making a dog happy it will most likely benefit the dog overall. Humans are just the same, if we are treated nicely enough we will feel good about ourselves. Dogs are very similar to us, because if you are not nice to a fellow human you will find that they will often become sad or even stressed when they experience no happiness. With a dog it is different, for a start a dog can easily become more stressed because if you are isolating it in your house as a domestic pet you are technically not allowing it any contact with other dogs. This means that dogs can be very alone in terms of their own species, you have to enable the dog to have as much fun as it can, so toys are a very good way to improve their overall well being. Of course it will not improve the dogs physical health by allowing it to play with toys, of course it may help in terms of exercise but it will help them get a happy, healthy life which is exactly what a dog should get.

As a child I am sure that you had much fun with your toys. Well the same applies for a dog, except the dog will have much fun with toys up till the day it dies. Since there is so little understanding between us and dogs we cannot explain anything to them verbally, when we introduce something new to them they often get excited and inspect it. If they like it they will attach themselves to it like it is something that they see as safe. We see this amongst humans also, we will sometimes find a personal belonging or item which makes us feel safe and it also offers comfort.

So what exactly is it about toys that make a dog tick? Well, many toys that you can buy for dogs are often colourful and when a dog see’s such toys it can get attracted by the colours and be drawn to it. And if the dog finds something that they can associate as safe then they will feel happy by staying close to it and having fun with it.

Another reason as to why dogs need toys so much is because it can have certain health benefits. For example, if a dog has a toy in which you can throw and for it to fetch, you are enabling the dog to get some exercise, this is very good for a dog and it can also introduce a lot of play into the dog’s life. Toys can bring fun and happiness into a dog’s life and when you apply them properly you can even give a dog something to exercise over.

Toys can also have other health benefits when it comes to the dogs well being. If a dog had a squishy toy in which it could chew on it would help keep the dogs teeth healthy, of course it is not a cleaning agent and gets rid of any dirt in the dog’s mouth, but by chewing a toy repeatedly it can really benefit the dog’s health.

Toys can also be given to dogs as reward. If a dog has achieved something that you believe is impressive you can always reward the dog, this gives the dog something to play with as well as a sense of achievement, this is good for the dogs overall confidence also.

Many toys though can be seen as comforting to dogs and if you get a toy which really makes the dog feel safe and at ease then you will find that it will quickly become a comfort toy. But this is good because it can always comfort a dog if it is scared or lonely; it is a great thing for the dog to turn to just in case something does happen.

But what you need to realise is that dogs need to be treated nicely and in a way with respect. You need to be kind to them and treat them nicely so that they can live a happier life. You have to be able to understand a dog and its needs before attending to its needs. Always remember, a dog with a happy life is much better than a dog with an unhappy life, toys can bring happiness and playfulness into a dogs life.

So always remember, dogs too have to have some fun in their lives, don’t deprive them of play time. Buying toys are a great way of satisfying their play time and helping them get exercise also. Toys are fun and can give the dog something to play with for hours on end. So now that you understand why a dog needs toys you can hopefully understand why they need play time also.

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