Why do dogs need their teeth brushed?

Cleaning your teeth is very important, we have to keep our teeth clean everyday to prevent build up of plaque and dirt. This is one of the main reasons that we brush our teeth as humans. But how does it apply to dogs? Dogs have a very different system when it comes to having their teeth brushed. In this article you will find our why dogs need their teeth cleaned.

Dogs unlike humans don’t need their teeth brushing and cleaning as regularly as we do. But this does not mean that they don’t need their teeth caring for. For a dog it is very important for them to have healthy teeth, the reason for this is because they need their teeth so that they can eat food easily. And what is different about dogs is that if they get a problem with their teeth it can have worse effects than it would do to a human being. Dogs are quite prone to getting infections and diseases at times and it is important that their mouths are clean. This first reason as to why dogs need have their teeth brushed is not the most important but definitely one of the top reasons as to why a dog needs to have its teeth cleaned. Dogs need to have their teeth brushed so that they can have a healthy mouth as well as good hygiene. If a dog has a dirty mouth which is full of germs it can easily lead to gum infections and more which can be serious at times. So it is very important for a dog to have its teeth cleaned on a fairly regular basis just to be on the safe side.

Keeping a dog’s mouth and teeth in top condition and also clean is in a way essential to the dogs survival. The mouth is where all the food goes in and the dog has to rely on its strong teeth to provide a sharp bite when eating food so that food can be grinded down into a less solid form before consumption. This leads me onto my next reason; another reason as to why dogs need their teeth brushed and cleaned is to prevent build up of dirt and plaque on the teeth themselves. Brushing thoroughly is important because since dogs will not get their teeth cleaned on such a regular basis they will require more attention when it actually comes to having their teeth brushed. The build up of plaque, dirt and junk in the mouth can be a health hazard, it can causes bad breath and can yet again even lead to gum disease. If it is left bad enough it is likely that the teeth will begin to deteriorate, this will make eating not only difficult for the dog but also very painful. Cleaning plaque and dirt has to be the most important reasoning as to why dogs need their teeth cleaned as it prevents any further damage, the plaque itself is bad but you can remove it fairly easily, it is keeping it at bay that is the tough challenge so it is important to brush a dogs teeth regularly to make sure that plaque doesn’t cause damage to the teeth.

A final reason as to why dogs need their teeth cleaning is so that it keeps the teeth looking in top condition, when we can visually see that the teeth look healthy it is a good sign. This is fairly obvious, but keeping a dog’s mouth and teeth clean and healthy can really improve the overall health of the dog if persistence is taken when it comes to brushing regularly. By keeping a dog’s mouth and teeth clean it can prevent various gum diseases from developing as well as many other infections. Plus you can also prevent bad breath and more. Having a healthy mouth will help contribute towards the dog having a healthy life, if a mouth that is dirty is taking in food it is likely that some of that dirt will travel with the food into the stomach. This can lead to further problems which should be avoided at all costs. Keeping a clean mouth will make sure that only the food goes into the dog’s stomach and not any other dirt which could potentially harm the dog’s wellbeing.

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