Why do dogs like some toys and hate other toys?

Dogs have discriminating tastes and individual personalities. This can make a difference when it comes to trying to figure out which toy that a certain dog will like the best. Things that you can consider when choosing toys for your dog is the size, scent and even novelty. With the right toy, a dog can spend hours entertaining itself.

In order for a toy to work for a dog, the dog must understand how the toy works. You may need to show your dog how to play with a toy. Some toys require you and your dog to play together such as a disc or a catch ball. When your dog understands the game, it will probably enjoy the interaction with you.

Noise making toys can be fun for a dog. For the owner, a noise-making toy may cause the dog to get too wild and noisy. A noise-making toy puts off some dogs.

Chew toys are great favorites with dogs. If too many chemicals have been used during the manufacture of the chew toy or there has long storage in a plastic bag, a dog may reject the toy because of the scent or taste. Chew toys may also splinter or break up with sharp edges, which can make a dog reject it.

A chew toy must also be long enough so that it will not become lodged in the dog’s mouth or throat. Chew toys are all prone to being torn to pieces because of the chewing action from the dog’s strong jaws. You will have to assess when it is time to take the chew toy from the dog.

While a dog may like chewing at stuffed animals, stuffed animals are particularly dangerous to a dog’s digestion tract especially if there are small buttons, zippers or little pieces that may be chewed and swallowed by the dog. These items can break in a dog’s mouth and lodge in a dog’s throat or digestion tract where it can cause further problems.

With the wrong toy, a dog may ignore the toy until another dog wants the toy. Only then will the toy be defended by the canine toy owner. In some cases, a dog may bury a toy although why is not always known. In related circumstances, dogs will also bury food for future lean times.

Since you have to buy several types of toys to figure out which are the duds and which are the winners for your dog, it is recommended that you do not give your dog too many toys at once. Give your dog time to figure out whether it likes a certain toy or not before making a final decision about the type of toy.

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